3 Ways TIME Encourages Business Growth Among SMEs
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Opening a business, regardless of industry, poses a series of inevitable challenges that its founders must face. In the beginning stages, business owners, especially those without prior experience, are often overwhelmed by a number of tasks in order to get the business up and running, such as managing cash flow, setting up business accounts, administrating employees, and seeking a suitable business premise. 

In an effort to alleviate some of the stress, one of Malaysia’s most popular fibre Internet providers, TIME Internet has made a number of products and driven an initiative in support of Malaysian SMEs. Let’s explore how TIME has helped and continues to support Malaysian businesses in propelling forward.

1. TIME Digital Masterclass: FREE Webinars For Industry Insights, Business Applications & More

In this digital age, almost all our processes can be done online. Whether it’s registering a business banking account, viewing a potential home, or purchasing stock in overseas markets, they can all be done in the palm of our hands and in the comfort of our homes. From a consumer standpoint, it may be easy to feel entitled to such convenience. However, not many are aware of the actual work that goes behind the scenes.

In recognising the importance of digitalisation, TIME will be hosting FREE digital masterclasses that focus on digitalisation, catered especially for Malaysian SMEs. TIME Digital Masterclass will be a series of business webinars designed to include industry insights, business applications, as well as opportunities for digital adoption. Each 90-minute session will feature notable digital partners such as TikTok, Shopee, SushiVid, and Kasatria, Google Analytics Premium Partner. 

TIME Digital Masterclass emphasises on creating potential business growth through upskilling and growing SMEs’ knowledge in digitalisation to further ease business applications of digital adoption. SMEs will be able to gain insights on how to better bridge the gap between themselves and platform providers so you definitely should take advantage of it if you’re a business owner, especially because it’s free!

2. TIME Fibre Business: Fast, Reliable Connection For Smooth Business Operations

Designed for small businesses, TIME Fibre Business provides SMEs with a reliable internet connection for all your business needs. Employees are able to conduct day-to-day business as required without having to sacrifice internet speeds. In fact, upload and download speeds are symmetrical for certain plans so if live video streams are a subject of interest, TIME Fibre Business would make a good fit. 

Offering a starting speed of 100 Mbps, businesses will get to enjoy an unlimited internet quota to connect to customers, push digital ads online, conduct research and insights hunting, or anything you’d really need to grow your business. 

The 100% fibre infrastructure is an enterprise-grade network designed for a stable connection and, you’ll be glad to know that every subscription comes with speeds up to 300 Mbps, 100GB BizCloud storage, one voice line, Dynamic IP, Optical Network Unit (ONU) as well as a Wireless AC Dual Band Router. TIME is also offering free mesh WiFi promotion for certain plans from now till 30th June 2022. 

3. BizCloud: Easily Accessible & Secure Storage For Improved Productivity

Relish in having easy access to all your virtually stored data at any time, anywhere with TIME BizCloud. As an add-on to your internet package, TIME BizCloud offers a multitude of benefits but most notably, it is a secure way of storing all your documents. TIME BizCloud is hosted locally in Malaysia, which means it’s compliant with data sovereignty laws.

Whether your employees work from home or you simply need to access certain files while away from your workstation, having a platform that’s secure and easily accessible simply makes business operations more flexible.


While operating a business may not be easy, there are definitely tools, products, and services out there that are designed to help businesses grow. TIME Fibre Business and BizCloud are great digital solutions to consider, especially now that the business landscape is increasingly competitive. 

If you’re interested in growing your small to medium-sized business and gaining first-hand insights from platform providers, why not attend the first TIME Digital Masterclass? After all, it is free. Details of the webinar are as follows:

Topic : Achieve your Business Goals with TikTok

Date : 26 May 2022

Time : 12.30pm (90 minutes session, so grab your lunch and coffee beforehand!)

Speaker: Philip Tnee- Head of SMB, TikTok Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines

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