5 Ways GO by Bank Islam Mobile App Makes Modern Islamic Banking Convenient
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Technological advancements have made it possible for us to access virtually anything with only our smartphones or tablets. As such, why should Islamic banking be any different?

In 2019, Bank Islam launched its very own mobile banking app, GO by Bank Islam. Over the past two years, the app has evolved to become more user-friendly with five new features that make day-to-day banking more convenient. 

Like most conventional banking apps, GO by Bank Islam allows you to make deposits, transfer money, pay your bills, and carry out other financial transactions. However, some new features of the app will make modern Islamic banking more convenient; let’s take a closer look at what these five features are:

1. Completely Shariah-compliant

Like all Bank Islam’s products and services, GO by Bank Islam provides the convenience of digital banking transactions that are efficient, secure and most importantly, adhere to the tenets of Shariah. 

Customers can be assured that each service offered via Go by Bank Islam are 100% free from activities prohibited by Shariah, including riba’ (interest), gharar (uncertainty) or maysir (gambling).  

2. Authorise transactions above RM10,000 with GO Secure

Formerly known as Transaction Signing, GO Secure is an authentication method to authorise transactions initiated via Bank Islam’s Internet Banking platform or GO by Bank Islam app.

With GO Secure, all GO by Bank Islam users can now initiate and authorise third party transfers up to RM50,000 conveniently on their smartphones or tablets.

Other security features available in GO by Bank Islam app include biometric log-in with Quick Touch (fingerprint) or Face ID, strict sign-in procedures, secure protocols for sensitive information such as passwords and transaction information, and more.

3. Carry out your donations / Zakat digitally 

Sometimes, small good deeds such as charitable donations can slip our minds in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. As such, e-Sadaqah (donation), one of the more recent features added to GO by Bank Islam, makes it easier to tap into our generous spirits. e-Sadaqah allows you to donate directly to Sadaqa House, as well as other NGOs, orphanages, and mosques, and more, so users can conveniently contribute or fulfil their Zakat obligations digitally.

For those who are unfamiliar, Sadaqa House is Malaysia’s first Islamic charity crowdfunding platform launched by Bank Islam in 2018. The platform aims to deliver an inclusive, positive, and sustainable impact for Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

4. Link your Tabung Haji account in just a few taps

GO by Bank Islam also makes it easy for you to save for future pilgrimages with an option to link your Tabung Haji. By linking your Tabung Haji account, you will have full access to your Tabung Haji account balance on GO by Bank Islam.

Not only that, but you can also conveniently carry our transfers from your Bank Islam account to your Tabung Haji account and vice versa – all within the app. If you have children, you can link their Tabung Haji Account to your app for easy monitoring.

5. Register for Hajj conveniently on your phone

Last but not least, with GO by Bank Islam, Hajj registration is a breeze. With only your smartphone or tablet, you can register yourself or carry out a group registration for up to 10 people. All you need is their Tabung Haji account number and ID number to facilitate the process. Once that’s done, you can also check on the registration status and, when applicable, print out the Hajj Registration Slip from the GO by Bank Islam app.


Be it day-to-day banking transactions or specific activities such as Tabung Haji account access, GO by Bank Islam offers the ease of conveniently carrying out financial transactions within the comfort of Shariah compliance, all in the palm of your hand.

If you’re already a Bank Islam account holder, why not download the GO by Bank Islam app here and experience the convenience of modern Islamic banking firsthand.

Google Play: Download GO by Bank Islam here 

App Store: Download GO by Bank Islam here 

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