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The creator economy is the class of businesses comprised of independent content creators, curators, and community builders including social media influencers, bloggers, and videographers, on top of the software and finance tools designed to help them grow and monetise. With so many of them across all the social media platforms, it’s no surprise that today’s youth respond with ‘YouTuber’ or ‘influencer’ when asked what their ambitions are.

Part of what enables digital creators to produce high quality content is having a fully-capable and reliable machine, regardless of the format. Possessing a device that can not only support content creation, but also having the power to carry out tasks efficiently and quickly, is highly sought-after especially when trends evolve ever so quickly. 

If you’re a content creator looking for a new stylish, powerful, and versatile laptop, consider owning the JOI Book 5115 or JOI Book 7115. Learn why these laptops by JOI make good devices for producing content efficiently and swiftly.

An Enjoyable Viewing Experience With Intel® Iris® Xe Graphic 

Visuals play a vital role when generating content that aims to capture viewers’ attention. That means when producing any kind of content, the creator must be careful and attentive to detail, ensuring no mistakes go unmissed.  With the JOI Book 5115 and JOI Book 7115, creators get the opportunity to work on a wide 15.6″ screen that’s both a delight to work on as well as consume for pure enjoyment.

The display also has narrow bezels which add to its overall appeal. Besides that, the display for both laptops have in-plane switching (IPS) which some consider having the best color accuracy, full HD capability with a refresh rate of 60Hz. Not only that, they come with Touch Screen options so if you love having the freedom to just tap on the screen instead of clicking on the touchpad or mouse, you’ll enjoy using these devices.

Content creators primarily work on photo and video editing so the devices’ Intel® Iris® Xe Graphic should be more than capable as it is designed for tasks as such on top of gaming.

Work For As Long As You Like, From Wherever You Like

While some prefer staying home or being fixed to a permanent workstation, others enjoy the mobility. Working on a laptop means you get to produce awe-inspiring work from wherever you desire – the neighbourhood cafe, the public library, in a moving car, or even on the beach. And with JOI Book 5115 and JOI Book 7115, the experience of working wherever you like is made even easier because it comes with a 73 Whr battery. 

Work on your JOI Book for as long as you’d like with an all-day battery life that could last up to 16 hours. If you’re the kind of person who often forgets to charge your laptop not long before leaving home, fret not because they also come with fast charging support that’ll power up your device to full in 2.5 hrs.

Circling back to the topic of mobility, JOI Book 5115 and JOI Book 7115 both weigh 1.65kg so carrying it around would not bear too much weight on one’s shoulder and would be especially useful for creators who like being on the move, like those who create travel content.

Built-In Features To Keep You Connected At All Times

Working with a large number of files will necessitate a lot of storage. JOI Book 5115 and JOI Book 7115 offer 512GB of storage so users can store their files securely. If that’s not enough, they can plug their hard drives directly into the many ports available. 

The JOI Book 5115 and JOI Book 7115 both include ThunderboltTM 4/USB4.0 Type-C ports, USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A ports, HDMI, and an Audio Jack. Its many built-in ports allow users to connect their devices easily without having to lug around additional accessories such as dongles and adaptors. Creators typically require additional storage due to the size and volume of files, and with the available ports, backing those documents and files up would be a breeze. 

Besides that, these two devices also come with Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 and Bluetooth v5.1. Not just that, users can easily be connected to Amazon Alexa via voice commands.


Creating unique and high-quality content in a timely manner is not easy for creators, but having a laptop that can provide capable graphics, efficient performance, a long-lasting battery, and is connectivity-friendly, can help in expediting their workflow. 

Whether you choose JOI Book 5115 and its Intel® Core™ i5 or JOI Book 7115 and its Intel® Core™ i7, both devices come with 3 years warranty and the ultra familiar, user-friendly Windows 10 for all your content creation needs. Find out more about JOI Book 5115 and JOI Book 7115 by clicking here.

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