DaaS.my Could Be The Cost-Efficient Solution To Your Company’s IT Challenges
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The office scenario today has changed dramatically as most businesses transition to remote working in view of the pandemic. To some businesses, this could be the best time to experiment if working remotely could be a long-term arrangement that can benefit your business. Having said that, working remotely also puts pressure on your IT department since now more than ever, their role is essential to maintain your business support remotely.  

On the other hand, for businesses who need to be in the office setting, the role of an IT department is also as important to ensure the company’s operation remains up and running. From buying the right devices to accommodate the work of your employees, ensuring that your business data is safe, to the ability to repair faulty devices; managing your business’ operations be it for remote working arrangement or physical office setting can be quite challenging without the right support, which could incur unnecessary spending of your business resources. 

No matter the size of your business – small, medium, or giant – technology has become an essential part of your day-to-day operations to maintain work efficiency.  This is where Device-As-A-Service (DaaS.my) can help optimise your IT Department’s operations and resources. Here’s how:

If you’re looking to outsource your IT  needs or a solution to your IT challenges, DaaS.my could be the one to help you equip your employees with the right technology and tools to improve their productivity. At the same time, DaaS.my also provides you with intelligent analytics along with multi-device and multi-platform support that your business needs, and eventually keep your finances in check by optimising your business resources. Head to the DaaS.my website to learn more.

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