Enjoy An Additional 3% p.a. Reward On Top Of Your Potential Returns When You Invest With OCBC Online Unit Trust
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As a way to combat inflation, most of us have recently begun our journey in investing to build our wealth. One way to grow our savings is to invest in unit trust – it offers a diverse range of asset classes, from money market, fixed income, equity to a mixture of various assets.

If you’re looking to start investing, you could get started by investing in unit trust conveniently via OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking App.

Whether your investment goal is to build wealth, grow your emergency fund, or simply produce enough savings for the future, OCBC allows you to invest toward your goals through the power of Online Unit Trust.

Launch Offer: Enjoy an additional 3% p.a. reward on top of your potential returns when you invest in any Money Market fund via OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app

Aside from enabling investors to invest in unit trust funds via the OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app, from 8 Feb to 8 May 2023 investors can enjoy an additional 3% p.a.  reward on top of their potential returns over 6 months when they purchase any money market fund through the OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app.

For instance, you invest RM10,000 in the Maybank Retail Money Market-I Fund on 8 February 2023. As shown in the table below, the Maybank Retail Money Market-I Fund has recorded a return of 2.32% p.a. 

Throughout the following 6 months (8 February to 7 August 2023), you will receive an additional 3% p.a. reward which is calculated based on your investment amount. This reward will be accumulated daily and credited monthly.

Simple & Easy Way To Invest

As Malaysians are now more accustomed to doing things online, OCBC now allows investors to buy with just three easy steps. Better yet, it only takes a single click to open an account and you can get started from just RM10. 

By investing online securely, OCBC provides you with the convenience and simplicity of buying and selling Unit Trust funds at any time, from anywhere on the OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app.  


While some of us still find the act of investing a little complicated, OCBC provides you with a straightforward and affordable way of getting started. 

So to get started on your journey of diversifying your investment portfolio, download the OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app today on the Google Play Store, Huawei AppGallery, or the Apple App Store.

Find out more about the launch offer here.

Terms and Conditions apply. 

The contents of this article do not constitute financial advice. Readers should conduct their own research before making a financial decision.

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