Get This Credit Card If You’re A Foodie

There are two types of people in the world: those who eat to live, and those who live to eat. If you’re someone who is always looking for new eateries to try and generally just can’t stop thinking about food, then you probably belong to the live-to-eat category. Yes, satisfying your taste buds is extremely gratifying, but here’s one of the downsides of being a foodie: it can be pretty expensive.

Even if you aren’t particularly crazy about food, dining out can still take up a significant percentage of your spending. After all, we Malaysians like to bond over food; we catch up with friends at a café and bring our loved ones out for a meal to show them that we care. So, seeing as spending on dining is basically unavoidable, what can you do to gain some benefits out of it?

Get The Standard Chartered Visa Platinum Credit Card And Access 1-For-1 Deals

Well, to start with, you could be saving money by getting 1-for-1 dining deals every day. The Standard Chartered Visa Platinum credit card gives you access to the SC and The ENTERTAINER (MY) App, which lets you redeem over 500 1-for-1 dining deals at a variety of restaurants, cafés, and bars in Malaysia. The subscription for the standalone ENTERTAINER App costs RM145, but if you apply for this Standard Chartered credit card, you will get the SC and The ENTERTAINER (MY) App which contains specially curated dining deals by The ENTERTAINER.

1-for-1 deals on dining can help cut down the size of your bill at the end of the meal. Let’s say you and a friend went to a participating restaurant and each ordered a plate of pasta costing RM30. One of your meals would be free – saving you RM30 with just one redemption! You can also make use of these Standard Chartered credit card promotions in a bigger group. If you had six people at your meal, three of you would be able to eat for free. Just think of how much you could save in a year!

You can score these deals at a variety of outlets like San Francisco Coffee, Morganfield’s, La Risata, Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, and more.

Collect 5x Rewards Points On Dining

Meanwhile, the main benefits of the Standard Chartered Visa Platinum credit card also make it very suitable for frequent diner. It offers 5x rewards points on dining, department store purchases, and overseas retail transactions, as well as 1x rewards points on all other retail spend.

The high multiplier for dining makes it easy for you to rack up your points whenever you use this Standard Chartered credit card at a food and beverage outlet. Moreover, there is no cap on the amount of points you can earn. Therefore, even if you’re a true foodie who spends a lot on dining, you don’t have to worry about reaching a limit on the rewards you can get from your Standard Chartered credit card.

Furthermore, if you manage to hit RM1,500 worth of total spending in a month using your Standard Chartered Visa Platinum credit card, you will be rewarded a bonus of 5,000 rewards points. If you rely on your Standard Chartered credit card promotion as your go-to card for dining, department stores, and overseas expenditure, it wouldn’t be hard to reach this amount – especially if you use this card for miscellaneous retail transactions to get those 1x points as well.

You can use your rewards points to make redemptions from the Standard Chartered 360° Rewards catalogue, which has everything from gift vouchers, electronics and home appliances to air miles.

Standard Chartered Visa Platinum Credit Card: The Right Card For The Foodies

So, if you really want to get the most out of all your dining expenditure, get yourself a Standard Chartered Visa Platinum credit card. With every meal, you could be earning yourself 5x rewards points while also paying half of what you normally would with 1-for-1 deals. And for the final cherry on top, the annual fee for this Standard Chartered credit card is waived for life!

Find out more about the Standard Chartered Visa Platinum credit card and its ENTERTAINER deals here.

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