Get To Know The Islamic American Express® Card Offered In Malaysia
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With so many credit cards available in the market, one has the advantage of being able to choose a card that matches your lifestyle. 

The Maybank Islamic Ikhwan American Express® Platinum Credit Card-i is the only Islamic American Express® Platinum Card offered in Malaysia and is eco-friendly. Those who want to do their part in driving a more sustainable future would be glad to know that this card is made from bio-sourced polylactic acid (PLA) material extracted from non-edible corn and also promises greater rewards including up to 8% cashback, 3x TreatsPoints, and more.

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Cheong Kok Hing
3 months ago

It is useful for my overseas travelling

2 months ago

Foreigners can related on this ?

Mohd Al Faizal
2 months ago

Were your are were go it’s very easy to make shopping,petrol and eating thanks more team@amex.

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