How Celcom’s Jaringan Prihatin Package Gives B40 More Value For Their Money
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As internet connection becomes more of a necessity than a luxury these days post-Covid-19,  the government has been trying to help more Malaysians gain access to digital networks. This is so we can stay connected in all aspects of life be it personal, work, or education – especially right now, when we’re still practising social distancing measures and might not be able to leave our homes as often to minimise the risk of infection.  

The Jaringan Prihatin Programme ropes telecommunication providers to help the B40 group own smartphones or enjoy internet plans with subsidies of RM300 or RM180. The amount varies depending on your B40 status (individual or household) and type of subsidy. 

There are two types of subsidies offered for the Jaringan Prihatin Programme, namely – a mobile device package subsidy or a monthly Internet plan subsidy. Furthermore, eligible users will also be given free 60GB high-speed internet per month. 

On top of the subsidy, Celcom is giving its users a bonus rebate of RM60 along with a wide choice of 4G smartphones and unlimited internet access. So, if you’re looking for some of the best Jaringan Prihatin benefits, why not check out Celcom’s myriad of passes and plans today.

Enjoy Total Rebates Of Up To RM360 With Mobile Device Package Subsidy

Although the cost of the lowest broadband plan in Malaysia is in line with recommended guidelines, it can make a dent in the wallets of lower-income earners, especially now that internet usage is high. 

Celcom’s Jaringan Prihatin package offers an extra RM60 rebate for prepaid and postpaid customers in addition to the government’s subsidy of RM300 or RM180, whichever is applicable. Hence, eligible recipients signing up with Celcom will get to enjoy additional rebates on their packages and save more.

For the device package, B40 households get a subsidy of RM300 while individuals get a subsidy of RM180.   

For example, you would like to subscribe to XP LiteTM with L Pass that comes with a selected free 4G smartphone under a B40 household. The subsidies are not given to eligible recipients in full right away, but rather, are divided equally into 12 months.

With a total rebate of RM300 and an extra RM60 provided by Celcom, you can claim a monthly rebate of RM25 and another RM5, making it a total save of RM30 per month. Before the rebates, the plan originally costs RM58 per month. Now, you will need to pay only RM28 per month for the plan and enjoy free 60GB high-speed internet, a 4G smartphone, unlimited calls and data to access social media.

Free 4G Smartphone With Low Monthly Commitments

Due to movement restrictions, many may not be able to conveniently leave their homes to visit public facilities to use the internet. The Jaringan Prihatin Programme takes into account the need for the B40 to have easy access to the internet from home.

Also, the Internet Users Survey 2020 reported that internet users accessing through smartphones have reached a near saturation level at 98.7% in 2020, up from 93.1% in 2018. Meanwhile, the survey observed a declining trend in accessing the internet for other devices.

There are two ways to claim the mobile device subsidy for Celcom’s Jaringan Prihatin Package. The first one is the monthly rebate where one can claim rebates up to RM360 on the data plan that comes with a free phone.

As mentioned before, if you’re signing up under a B40 household, you’re eligible for XP LiteTM with L pass that comes with a smartphone for prices starting from only RM28 per month. For B40 individuals, you can save up to RM240 with XP LiteTM with L Pass that comes with a smartphone for prices starting from only RM38 per month.

Alternatively, another way would be to claim a one-time rebate on more exclusive smartphones with the XP LiteTM with L Pass. If you have your eyes set on choices such as the OPPO A54, Vivo Y20, and Xiaomi Redmi 9T, you can opt to claim a phone rebate of RM300 on any one of the smartphones and pay only for the attached plan.

You can also opt for the XP LiteTM with M Pass and get a free 4G smartphone with an attached plan of only RM38 per month should you register under household. As for those who register as individuals, you can sign up for the XP LiteTM with M Pass and claim a RM180 phone rebate, allowing you to take home a Nokia C2 16GB with an attached plan priced at RM38 per month. 

Limitless Internet From RM18 Per Month With Monthly Data Plan Subsidy

Most of us stay and work more at home these days and our internet networks are being tested to the limits. Members of a household share the same internet connections throughout the day, using data-hungry applications that we usually only go on in offices or schools. 

The monthly data plan subsidy is RM180 for both B40 individuals and households. Celcom’s XP LiteTM with M Pass data plan is furnishing eligible recipients with 8GB monthly internet and unlimited internet access to social media platforms for only RM18 per month.

You can also upgrade to L Pass for 16GB monthly internet and unlimited internet access to social media platforms at RM38 per month. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a prepaid plan, you can enjoy unlimited internet and calls at only RM20 per month with the Xpax Truly Unlimited Prepaid Plan.

If you want to opt for plans other than the XP LiteTM, like MEGA and InternetGo, you can still claim rebates of either RM300 or RM180, whichever is applicable, without additional rebates from Celcom. 

Stay Connected With The Widest Network In Malaysia

Although numbers from the Statistics Department showed that Malaysian households’ access to the internet rose by 3.1% to 90.1% in 2019 as compared to 87% in 2018, some places like low-density rural areas may experience limited network coverage.

Celcom currently has the widest network in Malaysia with a population coverage of 90% for 4G/LTE networks. It provides both prepaid and postpaid mobile and digital services with close to 9.1 million subscribers.

The importance of digital connectivity has been further accelerated by the pandemic, rapidly increasing data traffic in not only urban but rural areas as well, as more Malaysians are adapting to digital technology for their livelihoods.


The Jaringan Prihatin Programme comes at an apt time when many Malaysians throughout the nation are increasingly depending on internet connectivity and technology in all aspects of life. Eligible recipients can register with the telco of their choice and join any of the plans recognised under the programme.

However, if you want Jaringan Prihatin benefits that will give you more value for your money and a complete digital experience, you can consider Celcom’s Jaringan Prihatin packages. Registration for Jaringan Prihatin has been extended to 30 September, so hurry!

Check your eligibility for the Jaringan Prihatin programme at or

Find out more about Celcom’s Jaringan Prihatin packages here. 

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