Premium Lenovo Laptops That Go A Long Way – In Design, Performance & Value

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Laptops have always been an integral part of our everyday life. So much of our daily lifestyle today relies on technology; for example, connecting with family and friends, online entertainment, studying and working, and even managing our finances through online banking. For most of us, a laptop is an essential item that makes life more convenient – be it for work or personal use. And this makes choosing for the right one matter, even more so today as we embrace the new normal of long-distance working arrangements, which calls for the importance of owning a personal laptop.

When purchasing a laptop, we would often weigh our options based on several aspects: design, size, brand and ultimately, its price point. For price conscious buyers out there, price point is always the key decision maker and often, the more affordable it is, the better, as long as the laptop is capable of getting the jobs done. Except that, buying a laptop based on its affordability factor alone does not mean that you get to save more money.

Surely, you may save some money by spending less on its initial purchase, but what happens down the road when your laptop starts to require constant repair, maintenance and even replacement – when you fail to consider its quality? More expenses will be incurred while your daily routine revolving around your laptop usage gets disrupted.

That being said, the key to saving more money in the long run is always to invest in quality – especially for an essential item that you know you would frequently utilise in your day to day routine. With that in mind, Lenovo aims to optimise your life while maximising the value of your purchase in the long run. And this is how Lenovo does it.


Lenovo’s New Generation Laptops Are Contemporary In Design

With living designs, Lenovo’s new generation laptops come in a minimalist aesthetic that will not go out of style. Its simple lines and elegant angular edges offer a modern, stylish look that can easily fit into any moments of your life. Just like a perfect matching tie to your coat – or bag to your outfit, Lenovo laptops adapt into every movement of time in design, saving you from the need (or expense) to always keep up with the ever-changing trend.

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Their Functionality Is Expansive And Cost-Saving

With Lenovo laptops – the sky is truly your limit, as every laptop comes feature-packed with pre-installed essential software and smart features that are designed to optimise your laptop’s functionality, and eventually your money.

For example, Yoga’s Smart A.I. features mean that your laptop can now be super intuitive as it “learns” your usage habit. Imagine as it intuitively stops playing a video the moment you walk away – or awakens your personal assistant – Amazon Alexa, to get you through your daily routine in the most efficient way. Lenovo laptops are also pre-installed with essential software that you will need such as Microsoft Office* which often require separate purchasing for other laptop brands. Besides that, Lenovo’s Premium range of laptops are also designed with smart charging features that optimise battery consumption and performance. This allows users to use their electricity efficiently especially when it comes to laptop usage which usually requires repetitive charging.

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These are only some of the features that Lenovo laptops are offering – but through them, you can already estimate how much money you can save with Lenovo when it comes to software purchase and renewal, and electricity bills in the long run.

*Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019

Built With Durable Material, Made To Last

Lenovo’s selected models are built with durable material, tested through 10 ultra-resilient tests* that rigorously tested its durability. Dropped from as high as 45cm to LCD enclosure stress test with up to 50KG force – these are just some of the extreme tests that Lenovo puts their laptops through to achieve top performance in strength. This proves that Lenovo laptops can be reliable for your everyday hustle and bustle and will surely save you costs in repair and maintenance, even when used consistently.

*Resilient test applicable only for selected models

There Is A Lenovo For Every Personality

With Lenovo’s extensive range of laptops, there is surely one that will fit right into homes and schools of everyone – no matter which walks of life you come from. With that in mind, no matter who you are – and which laptop you choose, Lenovo aims to provide you only the best laptop experience and at the same time, offering you more value.

IdeaPad S540 For Everyone
Stylishly Efficient

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A fusion of elegance and functionality – explore more possibilities in your daily inspiration with IdeaPad S540. With a modern minimalist design, IdeaPad S540 appears premium with its narrow bezel display and aluminium chassis that fit right into any movie scenes. But beyond its aesthetic, IdeaPad S540 is also equally powerful as it is powered by a 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processor. If you are looking for an immersive graphic experience, IdeaPad S540 is also available with optional NVIDIA GeForce® graphic card.

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Besides that, IdeaPad S540 boasts its tough durability, thanks to its resilient-tested material – with excellent battery life with Lenovo’s RapidCharge technology where users can enjoy 2 hours of use with just 15-mins charge and 80% capacity in just 1 hour, perfect for students or anyone who seeks maximum use of their laptop in their everyday routine – be it for homework or online entertainment.

Yoga S940 For Professionals
Smart & Intelligent

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Exclusively designed for users who seek professional perfection and are always on the go, Yoga S940 is designed to offer the ultimate mobile experience with intelligent features through its Smart A.I. technology. At its light weight of 1.2kg and 12.2mm thin, Yoga S940 features its exclusive Contour Glass, the 1st-in-the-world feature which gives it its ultra-sleek premium appearance with miniscule bezels design. Adding sophistication for its users, Yoga S940 is also equipped with Smart A.I. technology for efficient laptop operation, including intelligent performance in responsiveness and long battery life – powered by the 10th Generation Intel® Core™.

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Legion Y545 For Gamers
Powerfully Vibrant

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Clad in sandstone finish that gives it a clean elegance, the Legion Y545 boasts perfect balance in colour production and performance for gaming. Its 9th Generation Intel® Core™ processor paired with a GTX1660 graphic card also offers a solid combination for multitasking performance such as image and video editing. Legion Y545 will also elevate gamers’ sensory satisfaction through its full-sized keyboard that boasts its excellent signature tactile response, which also allows for better gaming control. Available in hybrid mode for optimum battery performance, the Legion Y545 weighs 2.3kg, perfect for gamers who are always on the run!

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So the next time you shop for a laptop, always remember that quality should always come first. Savings will then follow through as you enjoy the benefits that come along with it. Lenovo laptop’s ranges offer you premium quality, with smart features that are designed to not only optimise your life, but also your finances. To learn more about Lenovo’s laptops, visit Lenovo’s website.

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