Protect Your Loved Ones And Their Identity This Valentine’s



It’s the month of February. Love is in the air. You’re planning on a surprise for your other half. The flowers were ordered online, as was the rental car for the night’s dinner. You’ve forgotten to withdraw cash but figure you can just use your credit card at the restaurant.

With the majority of our transactions taking place via the Internet and our resulting dependency on it, has the possibility of things going haywire occurred to you? Identity theft – whereby one’s personal information is obtained through unlawful means and used to commit fraud – has gradually become a legitimate cause of concern, with a large number of the public not taking steps to combat it. In fact, the Malaysian Chinese Association’s (MCA) Public Services and Complaints Bureau approximated that between 2014 and 2016 a whopping RM2,825,000 was lost due to identity theft.

Given that, is a peace of a mind not the ideal gift for your loved ones? Whether it’s your partner or a member of your family, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and ensure their identity is protected.

This is where JagaMyID steps in. A web-based portal launched by RAM Credit Information (RAMCI), JagaMyID is unique in its service, aiming to fight against credit fraud and identity theft – a first in Malaysia.

JagaMyID’s main purpose is to help Malaysians lock out identity fraud. The service accomplishes this through a yearly subscription service where subscribers receive email alerts if there’s been a change to their credit profile, or in the case of any further loan or card applications made using their name. Subscribers would then be able to take immediate action if they happen to be dealing with a case of identity theft.

Along with this, JagaMyID offers a variety of other benefits as well, such as monthly updates of CCRIS information and a subscriber’s i-Score, biannual Personal Credit Report Plus (PCRP) and monthly payment tracking. Combined, JagaMyID allows subscribers to maintain a healthy credit score, negotiate for better interest rates and credit terms, and have an incredibly convenient and clear picture of their total credit and loan portfolio – all in one package.

For those looking for a more enhanced version of the product, RAMCI provides subscribers with JagaMyID Plus, adding further value to maintaining a peace of mind on all fronts. JagaMyID Plus’s aim being to minimise financial loss and the consequent negative impact on your finances and credit, it secures insurance coverage for its subscribers on top of the existing benefits.

Under JagaMyID Plus, subscribers are protected against snatch thefts, ATM withdrawal malfunctions, medical expenses, accidental death and permanent disability. This ability for subscribers to not only be in control of their credit health, but also to be protected in any given scenario makes JagaMyID Plus unique in its features.

What’s more, for the duration of this month, you can get 50% OFF when you or your loved ones sign up for JagaMyID Basic or JagaMyID Plus using this promo code: VLTNEEXP

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