Tapping Into The New Normal With Contactless Credit Cards
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Credit cards offer a convenience that is not shared by many other forms of payment. They are compact and pocket-sized, less prone to wear and tear than banknotes, offer easy accessibility to large sums of money without added bulk and weight, and today they even include contactless payment features. 

Over the years, the security features of credit cards have advanced with changing technologies. For example, the introduction of magnetic stripe verification in the 1960s allowed cardholders to simply swipe their card at the terminal and it would approve or decline the transaction within seconds. But as the use of a magnetic stripe became more common, cases of credit card fraud also increased as it became easier to clone the credit card data from the magnetic stripe.

This led to the current employment of EMV chips in bank cards. EMV encrypted chips are embedded in the card offering improved security over its predecessor, the magnetic stripe. As of 2005, Malaysia completed its migration to EMV chips in debit and credit cards, and soon after, the integration of a type of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology allowed for contactless payment features.

How Do Contactless Credit Cards Work And Is It Secure?

Today, most contactless payments use Near Field Communication (NFC), a form of short-range wireless technology that has its roots in RFID technology.  

This is why contactless credit cards, like the HSBC Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card, have an EMV chip and a tiny radio frequency antenna embedded within the card. Once the card is tapped at the payment terminal, there is an exchange of radio waves between the card and payment terminal. Then, the payment information is sent wirelessly to Mastercard’s network so that it can be processed and confirmed within seconds. 

One common fear with contactless payments is data theft during the wireless exchange. However, contactless cards have numerous security features built in to prevent that. These include employing secure encryption technology, as well as the inclusion of EMV chips that use cryptography to generate a unique one-time code to authenticate a transaction, making it nearly impossible to clone the credit card.

So yes, contactless credit cards are secure as long as the usual precautions, such as not losing the card and not sharing your confidential card information with any unauthorised third-party, are taken to keep your credit card safe. 

Furthermore, with contactless technology, the card does not leave your hand when you tap to pay at the terminal, thus reducing contact with the teller during the payment process. With the ongoing rise of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, reduced contact via contactless payments is continuingly encouraged as the “new normal”, especially after it was found earlier in the year that exchanging banknotes could contribute to the spread Covid-19

Go Contactless and Be Rewarded with HSBC Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card

With this shift into contactless payments being encouraged, take a closer look at the HSBC Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card as you stand to gain exciting gifts with huge Reward Points multipliers for contactless purchases and online payments. 

Gain 8x Reward Points1 for every RM1 spent via contactless purchases made with the HSBC Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card. Additionally, online purchases gain 5x Reward Points1 for every RM1 spent on e-commerce websites such as Lazada, Zalora, HappyFresh, and even Grab! 

Now, whether you’re doing your grocery shopping, getting take-out, commuting to work, or enjoying a bout of online shopping, be rewarded for your day-to-day expenses with the HSBC Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card – especially when you use the card’s contactless feature.

You can exchange the Reward Points gained for a variety of gifts and vouchers from the HSBC Rewards Catalogue including RM100 Lazada vouchers, a Sony PlayStation 4, and even cash back into your HSBC credit card if nothing in the catalogue catches your fancy.

So, if you’re looking for a credit card that gives you rewards as you tap your way to safe, secure, and contactless payments and online purchases, why not consider the HSBC Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card. With generous Reward Points multipliers, and a rewards catalogue brimming with gifts, the HSBC Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card could be the perfect compact, pocket-sized companion as you traverse through the new normal.

What’s more, when you apply for a new HSBC Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card and spend a minimum of RM2000 within 60 days from the date of your Welcome Letter, you will receive an RM500 Lazada e-Voucher2.

Apply for the HSBC Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card here.




1Terms and Conditions for HSBC Platinum Credit Card Programme apply. Effective 15 July 2019. The Additional Reward Points are awarded up to a maximum of 3,000. Additional Reward Points each for Contactless Purchases, Online shopping spend and Groceries spend and 6,000 Additional Reward Points for Overseas Transactions as defined in Clause 16, per Eligible Cardholder, per Month (“Additional Reward Points Cap”). 1x Reward Points will be awarded for every RM1.00 transaction charged after the Additional Reward Points Cap is met and all other retail transactions that falls under Eligible Spend. The terms used herein are as defined in the Programme Terms and Conditions.

2HSBC Lazada eVoucher November 2020 Acquisition Campaign Terms & Conditions apply. Sign-Up Period runs from 1 November 2020 to 31 January 2021, both dates inclusive. To participate, customer must apply for a primary HSBC credit card(s)/-i and complete the application, including submitting the necessary income documents through Our website. “Gift” refer to one (1) unit of RM500 Lazada eVoucher for approved applicant of HSBC Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card or one (1) unit of RM350 Lazada eVoucher for approved applicant of HSBC Visa Signature Credit Card or HSBC Amanah MPower Platinum Credit Card-i. You stand a chance to receive maximum one (1) unit of the Gift upon fulfilment of the Participation Criteria, on a first come first served basis, subject to maximum total of 750 units Lazada eVoucher (both RM500 and RM350 eVoucher combined) throughout Campaign Period and the terms and conditions of this Campaign.

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