Start 2023 On The Right Foot With AIA Total Wealth Solution
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Now that we’ve settled into the first quarter of 2023, many of us may have already set new resolutions and goals to accomplish for the following 11 months. They could range from getting into a healthier lifestyle and learning a new skill, to fostering relationships or building a comfortable retirement fund. 

If cultivating healthy financial habits is what you’re after, there’s a high possibility that you may benefit from AIA’s Total Wealth Solution, a comprehensive range of solutions aimed at supporting you to achieve your life goals. 

Plan Well Toward A Brighter Future

When it comes to building our savings or investing, many of us often delay it or lack the discipline to commit to it. Although we believe we’re likely to be more financially comfortable later in the future, there’s arguably nothing better than starting early.

Taking charge of your finances, be it saving for your emergency funds or tackling your debts, is highly important in ensuring you have a bright financial future ahead of you. 

You are encouraged to review your financial and protection levels whenever you undergo a life change such as a job change, getting married or having a child. AIA’s  Financial Health Check helps you to review your standing to ensure there are no gaps in your protection as well as provide you with insights on which areas require your attention. 

Retirement planning is also something that we need to prioritise. After decades of working hard to make ends meet, we surely deserve a comfortable and enjoyable retirement where we can make golden memories with our loved ones. So why not contribute to a Private Retirement Scheme so you can further boost your retirement savings?

Planning for the future should also include preparing your will. You could enjoy special benefits and preferential rates offered by AIA’s partner as part of their Will Writing and Trust Services. Having your will prepared can ensure that your loved ones can access your prized possessions and assets according to your wishes.

Live Well & Be Rewarded For Fostering Healthy Habits

Maintaining good health should be a top priority for everyone, as it enables us to lead a happy, active and productive life. Not only that, it allows us to reap the fruits of our labour and without it, it may be difficult to fully enjoy the benefits of our wealth or engage in activities that bring us joy and satisfaction. Hence, health truly is wealth

AIA strives to help Malaysians cultivate a healthy lifestyle so they can live a fulfilling and enriching life. Do you know that you could get incentivised for your healthy habits when you sign up for AIA Vitality? Complete a health assessment and reap the benefits that await you–the more you progress, the bigger the rewards. 

AIA Vitality offers a variety of benefits and exclusive offers including:

  • 20% off on selected Adidas sports gear
  • Up to 35% off Samsung products
  • FREE AIA Vitality Health Check at Guardian
  • Up to 30% discount on selected Fitbit products 
  • Up to 55% off at Fitness First

Protect Well With Wealth And Protection Plans Designed To Keep Your Legacy Safe

While most people prioritise building wealth, many often forget the importance of wealth protection. When you’ve invested so much time and energy to build the life that you’ve earned, surely you’d want to keep it protected from potential risks.

AIA offers a myriad of savings and investment plans that can preserve your financial growth as well as offer you comprehensive protection. Built to be personalised, these plans can be tailored to suit your personal goals, whether it’s for your kids’ education, realising your dream business, or to fulfil a dream travel adventure.

On top of that, many Malaysians may be unsure about how to manage their wealth or they may not have the access to expert fund managers or professionals that can help them protect their wealth. That’s where AIA comes in with AIA Investment Management. Having your investment managed professionally may also allow you to achieve long-term stable returns. These earnings have the potential to boost your progress in accomplishing your financial goals. If you’re looking to have experienced fund managers manage your funds, AIA Investment Management provides active guidance from a network of global asset managers.

This exclusive access allows you to leverage the expertise, experience, and knowledge that you otherwise may not have access to. Instead of figuring out which route to take and how to invest as best you can, consider having a seasoned fund manager pave the way for you. 

As parents and caretakers, we often seek ways to care for our loved ones in the present and also in the future, when we’re no longer around. 


No matter what your goals and resolutions are this year, AIA’s Total Wealth Solution offers a multitude of tools, products, offers, and services that can help you plan well, live well, and protect well. Whether you want to safeguard your legacy, develop your savings, or be rewarded for your lifestyle, there is a solution tailored especially for you.

Want to learn more about the AIA Total Wealth Solution? Click here to visit the landing page.

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