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Although the world is slowly recovering and reopening, the pandemic necessitated a great deal of change from people around the world. We were forced to change the way we behaved, socialised, shopped, worked, and ultimately, lived. The pandemic affected everyone, including our future generation.

Students all across the world, whether they were in primary, secondary, or tertiary levels had to adjust their regular academic routine because many institutions were temporarily closed to avoid the spread of the virus. Online learning became part of the new norm, much like getting vaccinated and adhering to social distancing measures. Students would come together and attend virtual classes based on their schedule, but those who share devices amongst siblings might encounter an issue especially if their classes clash with one another.

So what did this mean for parents? They’d have to provide a suitable device for their children to ensure classes and homework can be attended to. The device has to be reliable, capable of performing tasks, and intuitive in terms of user experience. One such product befitting for students in their academic journey is JOI Classmate®.

Catering To Our Future Leaders

JOI® is a joint effort by Intel®, Microsoft, and SNS Network that develops and manufactures IoT (Internet of Things) devices and solutions. SNS Network is a Malaysian-based technology solution provider offering a plethora of services for businesses. As a brand, JOI® aims to provide people from all walks of life with a variety of devices that meet their various individual needs and desires, including those of students’.

JOI® offers an array of products from laptops, 2-in-1s, monitors, tablets, and PCs, to electronic accessories with competitive pricing. With over 10 laptop products, their Classmate series is one that’s best suited for learning, no matter the level of education.

Built For Longer Learning

To accommodate the various subjects and papers students need to tend to, both JOI Classmate® 30 and JOI Classmate® 10 are built for long-lasting performance. The JOI® Classmate 30 and JOI Classmate® 10 are equipped with a 4000mAh battery capacity which caters up to 8 hours of typical
usage and consumption. Good battery life can help students to get more things done within the average school day and need not worry about charging their devices frequently.

Powering Through Knowledge

Having a device that’s capable of running different programmes and software simultaneously is crucial especially when classes are conducted through video calls. JOI Classmate® 10 is powered with an Intel® Celeron® N4020 Processor and can support clock speeds up to 2.80 GHz. Besides that, the laptop also uses Intel® UHD Graphics, a graphics processor suited for managing student workloads.

On the other hand, JOI Classmate® 30 allows for adequate collaboration between fellow students with its Intel® Core™ i3-1005G1 Processor that supports clock speeds up to 3.40 GHz. Like JOI Classmate® 30, it is also decked with Intel® UHD Graphics.

In terms of performance, both JOI Classmate® 10 and JOI Classmate® 30 come complete with Solid-state Drive (SSD) technology that supports data of up to 256GB. This means the device is capable of storing reference papers, assignments, and reading materials more comfortably without much to worry about. They both also have a rapid boot-up time which helps students begin learning even quicker.

Durable And Rugged By Design

JOI Classmate® series opts for a subtle yet rugged design. In fact, it is durable enough that it could withstand a dropping height of up to 2 feet. This would especially come in handy for younger children who may be less careful. In the event that liquids spill onto the device or it becomes exposed to dust, they are in luck because JOI’s Classmate® 10 and JOI’s Classmate® 30 have resistance towards dust and spills as they have an additional layer of protection against moisture and spills (up to 100c.c).

Ready For Productivity

For convenience, JOI’s Classmate® 10 and JOI’s Classmate® 30 come with a wide range of ports and peripheral connections. They are also WiFi-ready and come with built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

As for the display, JOI’s Classmate® 10 sports a smooth and compact high-definition 11-inch screen while JOI’s Classmate® 30 enjoys a larger, 14-inch display suitable for both work and play. Whether it’s for taking online notes or viewing educational video tutorials, both devices can provide a pleasant experience suited to learners of all ages. The devices also come with Windows 10 Pro, an operating system many students are already familiar with and allow for easy collaboration.


For an optimum learning experience, students require a device capable of performing multiple tasks at favourable speeds. JOI Classmate® devices not only allow efficient processing, but they’re also long-lasting, durable, and capable of accommodating student workloads. Besides the JOI Classmate® products, JOI’s Book Series can also provide an enjoyable experience for students who will soon begin their careers. Either way, JOI® offers a multitude of value-for-money products that can help increase work productivity.

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