The One-Stop, Virtual Scholarship Fair Simplifies Students’ Journey To Search For The Ideal Scholarship
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For students, the next step to furthering your studies is an exciting journey. A world with new friends, new environment, and new adventure for some. The same goes for parents, as you reminisce about your very own experience, that you’d only hope for the best possible education for your children.

But first, preparing yourself or your children for this new adventure is important and it all starts with an extensive list of to-dos from researching for an ideal programme, the best institution to pursue the programme in, getting the right scholarship with consideration of your financial capability, to preparing copies and copies of your official documents for more than one submission.

It’s a process one has to go through in order to further your studies, but this time around – Scholarship2u’s Virtual Scholarship Fair (VSF) 2020 aims to help you simplify your journey to the right institution with the right scholarship. Happening this 10.10.2020 until 11.10.2020, VSF will bring hundreds of local and international institutions with scholarships up to one billion offered to you – with only one instant application – virtually.

A Virtual Scholarship Fair For Multiple Levels Of Education

VSF offers students a convenient, online access to a variety of local and international education institutions and available scholarships, and a simplified application process to all aspiring students in different levels of education from A-Level, Foundation, Pre-U, Undergraduate to Postgraduate.

If you’re wondering how simple it can get, here’s how VSF 2020 work:

You Only Need A Free Scholarships2u Student Account & One Set Of Documents

To participate in VSF, you can register an account on Scholarship2u’s official website here for free. Upon registration, you will be able to create your student profile where you can upload all relevant documents into your account. This set of documents will be set of documents Scholarships2u sends out to your ideal educational institutions and scholarships application. So ensure that all your documents are correct, and clear for viewing.

Next, once you’re all set up – you may proceed to register to attend the Virtual Scholarship Fair here, where you get to apply to over hundreds of educational institutions and worth up to 1 billion scholarships offered.

By signing up for VSF, you’ll also get access to informative contents uploaded to VSF by over hundreds of local and international education institutions such as UK, USA, Switzerland, Spain and more. And just like a physical fair, you’d get to browse through educational “booths” set up by participating institutions – only virtually – and talk to their representatives about any questions you might have via live video chat.

You Will Be Systematically Matched To The Most Suitable Scholarships

With VSF, there is no need to prepare multiple copies of your documents when you’re applying for more than one college or university and scholarships programmes. After exploring participating education institutions virtually, and whenever you’re ready, simply take the Scholarships2u Scholarship Benchmark Testing (SBT) test, which will help match you to the most suitable scholarships according to your interests, fortes and examination results.  

The SBT test is one of the eligibility criteria that allows Scholarships2u to match you to the right scholarships available by comparing your STB test result and desired study destination against other applicants. This way, Scholarships2u helps to filter only the best options for you, with improved chances of acceptance under the guidance of professional study counsellors.

Refer 5 Friends To Enjoy Free Scholarship Benchmark Testing

The Scholarship Benchmark Testing is currently priced at USD30, or est. RM124 for every student. However, VSF is excited to reward you with a complimentary Scholarship Benchmark Testing, when you refer VSF to 5 of your friends!

Explore Your Options In A Safe Space

Last but not least, as VSF takes place virtually, you get to explore your options comfortably from home and away from the risk of current Covid-19. And the best of all, VSF will walk you through an exciting fair experience, just like a physical fair full of friendly interactions – but only more convenient with everything under one virtual roof.

If you’re looking forward to furthering your study either locally or internationally, don’t forget to register your FREE student account with Scholarships2u now. Once your student profile is all set up – you will be on your way to achieving the next step of your dream education this 10.10.2020!

However do note that, although the VSF will take place from 10.10.2020 to 11.10.2020, you are encouraged to submit your application on the 10.10.2020 itself, as VSF is keeping the virtual gate open until the next day to accommodate their international participants due to differing time zone.

You can sign up for the fair here today, and save the date 10.10.2020 for application – it’s that simple!

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