Want To Grow Your Savings? Save Towards Your Goals With ASNB & Win Sony PS 5, 65’’ TV, & More
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These days, as living costs increase, budgeting for expenses while making sure you have enough for savings can get tricky. This is especially so if you’ve taken on more responsibilities such as paying for rent, utilities, and car loan. 

If you want to reach your financial goals faster, consider investing with Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB). ASNB has a digital platform, myASNB, which allows you to invest in unit trust funds online easily. On top of that, ASNB often holds giveaways whereby users get the opportunity to take home amazing prizes when they invest.

From 1 March 2023 to 29 February 2024, when you invest with ASNB online, you stand to win monthly giveaways with ‘ASNB Simpan Vaganza Online’. Prizes include Sony PlayStation 5, 65’’ TV, holiday vouchers, and more.

How To Participate In ‘Simpan Vaganza Online’

Join the ‘Simpan Vaganza Online’ campaign from now to 30 June 2023 for Phase 1. Each month, two rounds of giveaways will be announced with the following prizes.

PrizesApril (2x)May (2x)June (2x)
First1 x Samsung 65’’ Smart TV 1 x HP Pavilion Plus 14’’ Laptop1 x Samsung Side-by-side 680L Fridge
Second1 x Dyson V11 Vacuum1 x Sony PS5 1 x RM2,500 Holiday Voucher
Third6 x Phillips Air Fryer XL6 x Samsung Galaxy Watch46 x RM1,000 JD Sports Vouchers
Consolation10 x RM50 Shopee Food Vouchers10 x RM50 Grab Vouchers10 x RM50 Movie Vouchers

How to join? Invest a minimum of RM500 in ASNB unit trust funds online via the following platforms to win great prizes:

  • myASNB portal, app, and kiosk
  • Maybank2u and ATM
  • HLBConnect 
  • Affin Always 
  • RHBNow 
  • CIMBClicks 
  • AmOnline 

Why Begin Your Investment Journey With ASNB

  1. Easy to start 

Open an ASNB investment account in three easy steps on the myASNB app and start investing. In addition, get an overview of your funds, manage your funds, switch funds easily, and check your total investment in real time all on one app.

  1. Low entry

With the advent of technology, one can now invest online and in an affordable way. Start investing in fixed price and variable price funds with initial investment of RM10 and you can easily top up via myASNB or internet banking platforms such as Maybank2u at low to medium risk.

  1. Diversification

A golden rule of investment is to never place all your eggs in one basket. With unit trust funds, your money is invested in a portfolio of bonds and shares across different geographical markets and sectors. This way, you can diversify your portfolio and manage your risk.

  1. Goal-oriented 

myASNB’s Target Labur feature helps you save towards your financial goals easily.  Select a suggested goal or even create your own specific goal and key in a target amount and date for each goal. Then, the app will tell you how much to invest monthly. You can even set up automatic deductions with Auto Labur so you won’t forget.

  1. Established and trusted 

Invest online safely with ASNB, a unit trust investment company under government-linked investment company (GLIC) Permodalan Nasional Berhad. ASNB is well-established in Malaysia and is regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia.


Many people deprioritise saving for long-term financial goals such as buying a home to instantly fulfil the demands of living a certain lifestyle. However, there are many benefits of starting your investment journey early. In your 20s, you have a long investment horizon and are able to take on more risks when investing. 

Start investing online easily with ASNB to work towards your financial goals conveniently with features like Target Labur. In the meantime, you could also walk away with attractive prizes from Samsung, Dyson, Sony, Grab, Shopee, HP, and more. 

Sign up for ‘Simpan Vaganza Online’ to win prizes here.

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