What Is IR4.0 & How Has It Impacted Malaysian Businesses
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Known as a diverse and dynamic melting pot of cultures, Southeast Asia has been undergoing rapid digital transformation over the past decade. The ASEAN countries, which include Malaysia, are equal to the fifth largest economy in the world and are driven by an increasing tech-savvy consumer base who channeled the rise of a series of digital trends due to the implementation of IR4.0 technologies.  According to a report by Facebook and Bain & Company, it is estimated that the number of digital consumers in Southeast Asia will rise to 310 million by the end of 2020.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for digital transformation in Malaysia has hit the fast lane for many businesses due to safety and social distancing measures. To rise to challenges from the crisis, businesses now have to re-evaluate their existing business models, products, and services to readjust to changes swiftly, cater to their consumers, and most importantly, to sustain their business operations in these challenging times.

From a micro business such as a nasi lemak stall to a global brand with over 50 outlets, digital transformation is essentially the process of integrating digital technology into all areas of the business to stay competitive and relevant in this digital age. Therefore by embracing this, businesses can maintain their ability to function during and after the pandemic by moving into IR4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Creating A Digital Ecosystem To Drive Malaysia Towards The Future

IR4.0 is the union and conception of emerging technologies in industries. The Nine Pillars of IR4.0 are Big Data, Augmented Reality, Simulation, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Systems Integration, Additive Manufacturing, and Autonomous Systems.

Source: Ministry of International Trade & Industry

The implementation of these technologies will be able to accelerate the connectivity between people through the ease of virtually accessing data and knowledge from anywhere thus transforming how we work, live, and communicate.

In Malaysia, the embracement of IR4.0 will be able to boost productivity growth through creating, adopting, and integrating technological solutions into the workforce and industries. The government has launched many initiatives through innovation, skilled human capital, and the sweeping technological usage to support the vision of Digital Malaysia by enabling IR4.0 to form a community with shared interests that works, grows, and transforms together.

Source: KKMM

MIDA and SME Corporation Malaysia to assist local businesses by providing subject matter, digital solutions, and technical support for their journey towards digital transformation as well as to support the government’s vision.

MIDA – INDUSTRY4WRD Intervention Fund

 The Industry4WRD Intervention Fund is an incentive initiated by the government to encourage local SMEs in the manufacturing sector to embrace IR4.0. This initiative is in tandem with the National Policy on IR4.0, which introduced the Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment (RA).

Source: Ministry of International Trade & Industry

The RA consists of a comprehensive programme to assist SMEs assess their capabilities and readiness to adopt IR4.0 technologies and processes. Upon completing the assessment, companies will be given recommendations on how to prepare feasible strategies and plans to implement IR4.0 technologies into their operations.

SME Corp. Malaysia – SME AI Program Matching Grant

Together with SME Corp. Malaysia’s matching grant, HUAWEI CLOUD is also providing digital solutions to local SMEs to utilise in their business processes under the SME AI programme. The collaboration will charter local digital innovations from the adoption of Cloud and AI technology to help SMEs create new and innovative products and services.

Transform Your Business With HUAWEI CLOUD Solutions

Over time, the rise of SMEs and entrepreneurship is no longer limited to traditional large corporations setups in today’s era. This is a result of the emergence of advanced technologies and applications such as 5G, Cloud, AI and Big Data; thus quickening the business growth in Malaysia.

From innovative products and services to operations that support and maintain digital functions, digital transformation involves a comprehensive and detailed process. The foundation of undergoing digital transformation for any business requires people, organisation, data, analytics, technology, and ecosystem to function.

That is why, HUAWEI CLOUD offers over 100 digital solutions to people, homes, and businesses – providing a capable, ever-improving computing platform that is customisable to any business objectives.

Businesses can find digital solutions devised by HUAWEI CLOUD exclusively to the industry of their business, from automotive, e-commerce, education, financial services, gaming, healthcare, manufacturing, media, retail, transportation and logistics, and campuses. With their understanding of the different business processes and models, HUAWEI CLOUD crafts the right solutions to provide businesses with the services and interfaces to improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Moreover, HUAWEI CLOUD provides an affordable and customisable full-stack all scenario platform with various architecture solutions and an impressive hybrid cloud that creates seamless interaction between cloud, AI and 5G.

HUAWEI CLOUD’s expertise can be easily explained in an IR4.0 scenario, where devices, network and applications are essential. Devices (AI) need to be connected through a network (5G) to applications (cloud). The application(s) interpret the data from the devices, translate the data into information and revert it back to the device to achieve the desired scenario.

Apart from creating a stable digital environment and dedicated support, their support in cybersecurity, respect of user privacy and data sovereignty has earned Huawei over 30 years of trust from the market and over 50 global security certifications. By collaborating with clients and partners, HUAWEI CLOUD has helped to develop over 3500 intelligent applications on cloud services.

Huawei’s Commitment To Going Beyond Business

Apart from building an digital industry ecosystem, HUAWEI CLOUD Malaysia has also joined forces with Rainforest Xchange to protect rainforests of Sarawak. With intelligent (AI) machine learning and voice recognition technologies, the team used upcycled phones as monitoring terminals to detect illegal rainforest logging and animal poaching.

Source: Huawei

HUAWEI CLOUD Malaysia has made continuous effort to invest in Cloud and AI applications to protect and conserve nature as well as to mitigate the effects of climate change in ways that will create a harmonious and sustainable future for both humanity and nature.

Kick Start Your Digital Transformation With Huawei’s Digital Starter Kit

 With a better understanding of what digital transformation can do for people, businesses, and the economy, it is now more apparent that businesses and industries alike need to embrace the change to grow, expand, and increase efficiency and productivity to compete and survive.

To get your business started on that journey, HUAWEI CLOUD is exclusively offering RinggitPlus readers a digital starter kit to begin your digital transformation journey.

In the digital starter kit, you will get:

  • Free 2-month subscription of Smart Business Solutions
  • Additional 1,500 hours of cloud services

So, how can you get your HUAWEI CLOUD’s digital starter kit? Simply click on the interactive button here on RinggitPlus’ page, and answer a few questions that will help Huawei understand your business needs. Once you’ve submitted your answers, a Huawei representative will get in touch with you to start your business journey towards digitalisation.

Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about the number of ways to customise your own digital solution for your business, head to HUAWEI CLOUD’s website.

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