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Today, having the ability to respond to trends, changes, and demands in the market quickly is necessary for businesses to thrive. And, one of the most crucial parts of this equation is having an effective and efficient workforce. 

Although in some cases, hiring full-time employees isn’t necessary. Going through the whole process of advertising, interviewing, and then onboarding the applicant can be time-consuming and costly, especially when extra hands are only needed for certain projects and peak periods. For small businesses, SMEs, start-ups, and even full-fledged businesses, maybe hiring part-timers instead of full-time employees could be a better option. 

Introducing GoGet, the 1st digitally-enabled and community-powered platform where businesses can connect with multi-skilled part-timers within a matter of seconds. 

Here’s how GoGet makes it easy for businesses to connect with the on-demand part-timers they need through the GoGet app. 

No Complicated Paperwork Required

To get started with GoGet, there is no physical paperwork or contracts required. Users can simply sign up for an account for free.  

GoGet offers a range of services for users to choose from, for both businesses and regular consumers. 

For regular users, GoGet offers part-timers that can help out with household chores, pet-care, packing & moving, dispatching, and even shopping. 

As for businesses, services offered range from 4 main business categories; Operations, Administration, Sales & Marketing, and Logistics. 

Additionally, GoGet also offers business packages that include benefits such as priority GoGet support, seamless API Integration, Lazada Integration, and training portals based on business SOP for incoming part-time staff. 

GoGet’s #Back2Business campaign is currently offering 6-hours worth of on-demand help for free as trial up till 7 November 2021 to get your business going.

Adjust To Peak Periods Swiftly

At certain times of the year, businesses may go through peak periods, project influxes, and mounting workloads. Responding to the ups and downs of the market is essential to keeping the business running. 

With GoGet’s 24/7 availability, including public holidays, businesses are able to respond to these changes by employing the part-time manpower, known as GoGetters, they need at any point in time. 

Businesses can build and customise their own on-demand workforce as well. For example, if you’re in need of two Administrative staff, a few headcounts for Marketing, and three dispatchers, you can easily upload these jobs onto the GoGet app with a single click. Through the app, you will also be able to track and manage multiple jobs and shifts.

Reinforce Morale & Support Your Full-Time Staff 

Speaking of peak periods, it’s definite that pressure and mounting workloads could tire out your current full-time employees, causing a decrease in focus and productivity. 

Dispatchers may be overworked due to the increasing amount of deliveries causing delays and errors in deliveries. Or maybe, your customer service agents aren’t able to respond to every customer query which has led to a drop in your company’s customer service rating. 

Bringing in skilled and reliable GoGetters to lighten the load can prevent these issues which in turn can alleviate stress, improve morale, and increase the well-being of your full-time employees.  What’s more is that once you have hired GoGetters before, you may add them into your favourite pool if you like them and hire the same people again next time just at a click!

With GoGetters supporting your business, full-time employees can focus on more important and urgent tasks that require their expertise. Additionally, GoGetters can also fill in for employees who are taking sick or maternity leave, as well as hours that are not covered by full-time employees.

Easy On The Company’s Budget

Apart from the long process of hiring full-time employees, it is also costly and can take a chunk out of the allocated company budget for that quarter. Through GoGet, hiring skilled and experienced part-timers can be an effective way to save on costs and time, especially when full-time staff is not yet needed. 

With GoGet pay-when-you-need structure, GoGetters are only paid through GoGet credits which will be deducted from your account once the job is completed. 

For example, the average salary for a full-time waiter or waitress in Malaysia amounts to around RM 1,636 per month. If your business is in need of a waiter or waitress only during Fridays, it would make sense to hire a part-time waiter or waitress that would only cost an average of RM100 a day, which would save you RM1,236 a month. 

Get Matched With The Right Part-Timers In Seconds

To be a part of the GoGet community, GoGetters are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and experience to complete the required task at hand. This is made sure by GoGet as all GoGetters go through an extensive verification process that involves an identification check and training. 

GoGetters are also upheld by GoGet’s User Quality Management Policy, which ensures that job performances are of quality and up to the expectations of GoGet’s users. 

Business and regular users can connect with a variety of skilled GoGetters through the GoGet app within seconds after posting a job. 

Before accepting a GoGetter, users can also request to manually approve a GoGetter for further screening and peace of mind. Users can interview their GoGetters face to face, conduct phone interviews, and also request for their GoGetter’s resume. 

Apart from making sure that GoGetters are qualified and verified, businesses may also have peace of mind in getting fully vaccinated GoGetters and have absolute control over verifying it. 


With more than 310,000 community members, 5,000 businesses, and 30,000 GoGetters and counting, GoGet has made it simple and seamless to obtain the part-time workforce you need at any time through their on-demand platform that connects businesses with verified flexible part-timers.

Get #Back2Business with free 6 hours worth of staff with BACK2BIZ up till 7 November 2021. Hire one today on GoGet app

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