AirAsia Reverts To 7kg Cabin Baggage Allowance Rule After Social Media Backlash

AirAsia seems to have made a U-turn on its revised baggage policy, which was meant to reduce its cabin baggage allowance from 7kg to 5kg as a Covid-19 safety measure.

In an email sent to its customers on Sunday evening, AirAsia said that it would only allow one piece of cabin baggage not exceeding 5kg per guest – previously, passengers were allowed to bring one piece of cabin baggage and a laptop bag or handbag. The maximum size of the allowed hand luggage was also reduced to 40cm x 30cm x 10cm from the 56cm x 36cm x 23cm permitted previously.

According to AirAsia, this move was meant to facilitate social distancing especially during embarkation and disembarkation. However, Malaysians took to social media to question the need for reducing the baggage allowance by 2kg.

Screenshot from email sent by AirAsia on Sunday (26 April 2020)

Screenshot of AirAsia’s statement on Monday (27 April 2020)

Following these events, AirAsia’s updated version of its statement on Covid-19 safety measures no longer mentions the revised 5kg cabin baggage allowance. Its official cabin baggage policy now states that the allowed cabin baggage weight is 7kg per person. However, passengers are still limited to only one piece of carry-on luggage, which is subject to the new size restrictions.

AirAsia will be resuming its flight services for selected domestic routes on 29 April 2020, alongside other airlines like Malindo and Malaysia Airlines which have also restarted selected flight routes amidst the ongoing movement control order (MCO).

(Source: Malay Mail)

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