If You Ever Need To, You Can Charter Your Own Malaysia Airlines Flight

With airlines slowly moving back to a more regular flight schedule now that the Covid-19 restrictions have eased, you may not find it absolutely necessary to charter your own private aircraft to take you to your selected destination at a time of your choosing. However, if the need arises, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has a dedicated page on its website where you can easily fill up an online form to request a chartered flight.

Usually, chartered flight services are utilised by the government or heads of state who run tight schedules and require privacy and security, as well as agencies offering hajj and umrah tours. For the nine-month umrah season beginning October 2018, MAS provided a total of 149 chartered flights transporting over 70,000 pilgrims to the holy land. Earlier this year, Malaysians who had been stranded overseas due to the Covid-19 pandemic were also repatriated via chartered flights organised by the government.

According to MAS, its chartered flight service runs on flexible, non-stop flight schedules from Kuala Lumpur to almost any destinations in the world. Countries that the Malaysia Airlines Charter Service have flown to include Italy, East Timor, Australia, Canada, the Maldives, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Korea, and the US.

You can pick a suitable option from its fleet of A330, A350, A380, and B738 aircrafts, and enjoy a range of benefits and services during your private flight. These include a dedicated team to attend to your arrangements, a dedicated check-in counter at KLIA, and of course, in-flight meals and entertainment.

So, if you need to charter a flight for business purposes, or even have it on your personal post-Covid bucket list for any reason, you can do so on the Malaysia Airlines website here.

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