Best AEON Credit Cards in Malaysia 2023

A world of privileges awaits you with AEON credit cards, providing exclusive offers from over 500 local merchants, and worldwide acceptance through Visa and MasterCard. Get one of AEON's exclusive cards and enjoy instant access to the best deals at AEON stores, restaurants, and retail outlets across Malaysia. Check out AEON and apply online.

Overview of AEON Credit Cards in Malaysia

Shopping at AEON stores is more rewarding with AEON credit cards! 

You can enjoy more savings with a high cash rebate rate when you spend during AEON Member Day, and collect reward points easily on retail transactions anytime you want.

AEON Credit Service

It's widely known that the AEON brand is no stranger to us Malaysians, especially since we often visit the AEON malls for grocery shopping, movie hopping, having a quick luncheon session with friends, and everything in between.

But have you heard of the name AEON Credit Service?

AEON credit

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For those who are not familiar, the AEON Credit Service is actually a financial providing service company that is also a part of the big family of the AEON brand. It provides our local consumers with financial services such as credit cards, as well as personal financing.

You can also find the necessary forms that you need and the latest information on their website too at

AEON Reward Points

Turn every purchase of your essentials into a golden ticket to free gifts with an AEON credit card. 

It gets more rewarding when you shop at AEON and AEON BiG stores as you will collect AEON Points faster, which you can then turn into a handy shopping voucher.

The AEON credit card point redemption program also lets you convert your points into cashback for every purchase made at any AEON BiG Store nationwide using an AEON BiG credit card.

5% Cashback on Thank You Day Special

One major AEON credit card benefit is whether you have a Mastercard or Visa, you can get a 5% cash rebate on your spending during AEON BiG Thank You Day and AEON Thank You Day, every 20th and 28th of the month.

You can also earn cashback when swiping on petrol, online, and overseas purchases, utility transactions and by spending using Visa payWave, every other day!

AEON Member Privileges

For AEON Platinum Visa and AEON Platinum Mastercard cardholders, your benefits open the gateway to a world of privileges.

First, get unlimited access to all AEON Lounges in Peninsular Malaysia, and second, get movie ticket rebates every weekday when you purchase them at participating cinemas inside AEON and selected malls.

Free Airport Lounge Access

Ever wondered what the KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge is really like? With an AEON credit card, you can have your curiosity satisfied at no cost to you at all. 

With up to 6x complimentary access to selected Plaza Premium Lounge, you can enjoy the facilities and services provided for 3 hours before boarding your flight. 

Family and friends get a 20% discount upon entry when you charge it to your AEON card.

Free Travel Insurance Protection

Travelling is not just about having fun, your family and your own safety are equally important too! 

Get complimentary Global Travel Insurance coverage for up to RM1 million, just by charging your flight ticket purchases to your AEON credit card in Malaysia.

This travel and personal accident insurance plan are underwritten by Tokio Marine Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad, and also covers the loss of travel documents, loss of money, loss of luggage and personal belongings, and flight and luggage delay.

AEON Customer Service

Whatever experience you have with your AEON credit card, share your thoughts and issues with AEON Customer Service at 03 2719 9999. 

You can also visit an AEON Credit Service branch or service counter, open 7 days a week and on public holidays.

AEON Credit Card Annual Fee

Annual fees are common for all credit cards. But with AEON cards, the annual fee is waived for the first year, with no conditions whatsoever. 

You can still continue enjoying your credit card annual fee waiver for subsequent years when you hit the minimum spending or minimum transactions required in a year.

AEON Credit Card Balance Transfer

Save on your credit card debt with AEON Balance Transfer Plan

Consolidate your outstanding balances from other credit cards and transfer them to the AEON card with low-interest rates for up to 36 months tenure.

There is no processing fee or penalty for early settlement of your AEON balance transfer plan.

AEON Credit Card Instalment Plan

Like what you see but it's too expensive? Convert the purchase into an instalment payment plan, instead!

You have 2 options to choose from: the AEON 0% Instalment Payment Plan for up to 36 months, or the AEON Cards Flexi Payment Plan with 18-months repayment tenure.

Enjoy a low one-time interest rate when converting from a minimum of RM500 throughout the repayment period. 

An early settlement fee will be charged when you pay off the outstanding balance before maturity.

Who Can Apply For An AEON Credit Card?

On each of the AEON credit card pages on our website, you can find the eligibility criteria under "Requirements".

Otherwise, you can have a quick look at the table below.

Age of Principal Cardholder Minimum 21 years old
Age of Supplementary Cardholder Minimum 18 years old
Nationality Anyone
Income Requirement (monthly)*

*Please note that the minimum income requirement for expats might be different.

Documents For AEON Credit Card Application

An AEON credit card application can be made easily online. All you need to know beforehand is whether you are qualified or not. 

Put very simply, you must be at least 21 years old to apply for a principal card, whereas the minimum age is 18 years old for a supplementary card.

The minimum annual income required varies depending on the type of card; for AEON Classic Card it is RM24,000, for AEON Gold Card it is RM36,000, whereas the AEON Platinum Card minimum income requirement is RM60,000.

Below are some of the general documents for the credit card application. 

Salaried Employee Commission Earner Self-employed
 Copy of IC (front & back)
Copy of AEON BiG Member Card (if any)
Latest 3 months payslips / EPF statement / Form BE with tax payment receipt / Form EA
Copy of IC (front & back)
Copy of AEON BiG Member Card (if any)
Latest 6 months payslips / EPF statement / Form BE with tax payment receipt / Form EA
Copy of IC (front & back)
Copy of AEON BiG Member Card (if any)
Latest 6 months company's bank statement / Form B with tax payment receipt
 Business Registration Certificate or Form 9 /24/ 49

Best AEON Credit Cards in Malaysia 2023:

Get rewarded in daily things that you do; from grocery shopping to filling up petrol and even overseas and online transactions! 

Cash rebates, reward points or discounts, you name it, they have it.

With special discounts at every AEON store nationwide and access to deals at over 1,500 partner stores, your shopping gets a whole lot more value.

Collect those extra AEON member points when you shop at AEON on selected days of the month and additional cashback too!

Get 5% cash back at AEON and AEON BiG every month and up to 4x AEON Reward Points with Platinum Mastercard.

That's not all, enjoy complimentary access to participating airport lounges and movie rebates as well!

Earn rewards faster and get exclusive offers from AEON stores. Enjoy special discounts at over 1,500 AEON partner stores nationwide.

Not only do you get to collect AEON member points but you also get up to 5% cashback on selected days of the month when you shop at AEON too!

The everyday AEON Mastercard Classic Credit Card comes with exclusive offers from AEON stores nationwide, payment flexibility, higher discounts and exclusive privileges.

Collect AEON member points and attractive cashback with your AEON Mastercard today.

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