Budget 2019: BR1M Renamed As Bantuan Sara Hidup; Offers Cash Assistance For B40 Households

by Pang Tun Yau

Budget 2019

The new Malaysian government will continue the cash grant program from the previous administration as a means of assisting the B40 households.

Besides the change in the programme’s name – BR1M is now known as Bantuan Sara Hidup – the conditions in which the grants are distributed is a major difference between the two. Bantuan Sara Hidup’s cash grant tiers are different compared to BR1M. Here’s a comparison between the two:

BR1M 2018 Bantuan Sara Hidup
Household income < RM1,000 RM1,200 N/A
Household income < RM2,000 N/A RM1,000
Household income < RM3,000 RM900 RM750
Household income < RM4,000 N/A RM500
Singles above 21 earning < RM2,000 RM450 N/A
Senior citizens RM1,000 N/A
Children below 18/disabled N/A RM120 per child (up to maximum of 4 children)

In theory, the total grant for a family with a household income below RM2,000 a month with four children below 18 years old will add up to RM1,480, which is higher than the existing BR1M distribution structure. In total, the allocation for Bantuan Sara Hidup is RM5 billion, and will benefit 4.1 million households.