What NOT to Buy at a RM5 Store

RM5 stores are always good for a bargain, right? Well, almost. There are some items not worth the money and we're here to tell you what they are.

UPDATE: Since this article was posted, the prices of goods in RM5 stores have increased to RM5.90

RM5 stores welcome thrifty spenders with an immense number of great value items priced at only RM5. While it may have gotten people loading up their baskets full of items, some of these wares may not be worth buying for their price.

In our quest to get you more for your money, here are the items you should avoid buying when shopping around your local RM5 store:

We explain further and expand the list of items below:

1. Kitchen Utensils (Used Over Fire)

These plastic ladles appear like they'll snap in two at the slightest twist. Could you safely use these when cooking on a high flame? While we aren't saying it is for sure a bad quality item, you're dealing with a two pronged risk here: the risk of having inferior plastic melt into your food and the danger of having the item crack over a fire.

Unless you are looking at items for basic scooping and serving; it's probably best to spend a little more money to safeguard yourself. Even supermarket quality spatulas with plastic ends have been known to melt on the side when left in a pan on the stove, what more a cheaper item?

2. Gift Wrapping Paper

When you're on a panicky last minute gift hunt, it's easy to make an entrance and head over to the gift wrapping section. At first glance, the papers look pretty decent but before you make your way to the cashier- think about it, should a scroll of giftwrapping paper cost RM5? Go to your nearest bookstores, you can find them for a fraction of a price - some for as low as RM1!

3. Makeup

Your skin absorbs mostly everything. Just like you sometimes eat your lipstick when it's on your lips- your skin eats whatever is on your face too. Some people assume that more expensive make-up is only that way because the companies are out to make a killing but that's not entirely true. Legitimate makeup manufacturers are forced to abide by safety regulations and use only approved ingredients and chemicals, the same cannot always be said for items you buy for RM5 at a store such as this.

If you're unlucky, your skin might suffer from breaking out or an allergic reaction. Llong-term use can even cause serious skin damage. While we can't be sure that these cheaper items are truly toxic - it'd better to be safe than sorry. Stick to reputable makeup producers that abide by international safety standards. It will cost you more but you can have peace of mind knowing that the likelihood of poisoning your skin is pretty low.

4. Nail Clipper

A small nail clipper can cost as low as RM1 at your regular grocery store and only a little more for the larger ones. There ara a variety of options available in the RM5 store from the usual metal plated ones to polka dotted fancy clippers.

It's definitely more kawaii to have a bejewelled or colourful clipper- so if that is your thing, then by all means, go for it. However if you're in for practicality, RM5 is not worth paying for something you cut your toenails with.

5. Cutting Board

As pretty as this lemon yellow one is; we're sure we've seen sturdier and more durable cutting boards for RM5 or less elsewhere. Again, if you're into the designer colours then this is the board for you but if you just want something practical - why not get more value elsewhere? A bendable version from IKEA is two for RM6.90.

6. Hair Accesories

At a glance, hair accesories that come in packs are definitely worth buying, right? Before you take your pick, it's still important think of whether you can get cheaper alternatives. Hair accesories like scrunchies, bobby pins and elastic ties can be found at a fraction of the RM5 price at some acessories stores. One scrunchie for RM5? Really?

With that said, RM5 stores are still great places to purchase bargain items especially on goods that shouldn't cost so much in the first place. However, some selective buying is required to truly reap the benefits of the RM5 store without the pitfalls. We hope our list can help you make a more informed decision.

Have anything to add to this article? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!


Agree or disagree with this post? Questions? You also have your word!

  • ainawadany siti

    hw about wall paper?

    • RinggitPlus

      You're right! Some wallpapers are too pricey for RM5. Best to get them elsewhere

    • Syarif

      Though I agree with pricey wrappers and make-ups, i do believe that other stuff mentioned are worth to buy. I fancy that particular RM 5.90 store since its debut in Malaysia. And i have bought the RM 5 clippers. Guess what? It lasted for 6 years with no rust at all! The chopping board, it is meant to be filmsy as the usage is to kinda 'fold' the board to ease pouring your chopped onions or veges into a pan. And yes, i have bought the ikea's version - the thickness made the board stays in 'folded state' after a month of usage, unlike to the RM5 store's version.

      Other kitchen utencils are fairly usable for a couple of year period provided that you follow the degree of hotness (most of them has a lot imit of 220 celcius) - just like the branded counterpart.

      I seriously do not totally agree with the article. Looks like the writer went into the shop and make assumptions, without using/testing the items.

      • RinggitPlus

        Hi Syarif,

        Our research team actually *have* tried out the items and used them in their day to day. We found that the disadvantages and attributes described in the article to be correct at the time of writing.
        We still maintain that for a good number of these items, adding an extra RM or two can get you a better product that will last longer.
        However, it's entirely possible that the quality of these items have improved since our last visit.
        Thank you for your comment!

      • Tan Weng Sewee

        Quite agreeable with the points raised in the article.It is good that such informations are shared so that the public benefit.As to whether the observations reported r true,this is not important. The awareness created after going through this article is important.

        • Alex

          Where can you buy a straight cut toe nail clipper for less than RM10 other than here?

        • Dalini

          Totally agree. Chopping board, hair accessories , steel kitchen utensil & Wrapping paper just rm2.12 for 3 at eco2 store

          • jc

            I clicked on the ikea's version link above n it shows rm7.90 instead of rm4.90 mentioned. Just fyi guys. Not sure if the price has been revised or it's a different product from the one u guys intended to point readers too though.

            • RinggitPlus

              Hi JC,

              You're right! We've updated the link so this error is no longer on there. Thanks for your comment!

            • Ng

              What about the gardening & pets stuff? Worth buying?

              • RinggitPlus

                Hi Ng,

                We think their gardening items are fine to use, and the items for pets are also of reasonable quality. As long as you're not buying anything meant to be consumed by the pet or applied onto their fur / skin, then it should be okay.
                Thanks for your question

              • Ladyvic

                I would think that shoppers should be aware that yes not all items are worth RM5.90. Its just marketing. Margins of the items differ from one item to the other. Some are higher some are lower. I guess thats how they make profit. Shoppers who go to these type of stores are normally there for certain things (hopefully those that fit into the acceptable price range) but sometimes tend to impulse purchase and get things that they dont need coz they are cute, different, etc. These things tend to be cheaper, cost wise. Im one of those! And I normally go home and think to myself "i could have gotten these cheaper elsewhere!". But hey, convenience under one roof! Needs vs wants aside of course!

                • AiNi

                  Agree. I am one of this kind people...lol

                • Tai

                  Would be glad if ur committee can come out with a survey on what are the 5 things that worth buying at RM5 too :)

                  • RinggitPlus

                    Hi Tai,

                    That's a good idea. We might consider doing an article that describes exactly that sometime soon.
                    Thanks for your comment!

                  • feveee

                    agree.. thats why i only buy other things aside from those u mentioned.. be practical... i always bought cotton buds in a big box and tissues there.. haha.. buy bigger and useful things..

                    • Noend

                      Mr DIY is the way.. you pay the price it is.

                      • hariz

                        there is something you can get more cheaper at Mr DIY shop & ECO RM2..same quality & sometimes same item!..
                        S-hook I buy Rm2.12 at ECO..survey price Rm2.10 at Mr DIY and rm5 at Daiso..just example..

                        • Hannah

                          I totally agree with the writers point of views!!! That's why i ended up buying nothing from RM5.90 stores😅 Those selected items the writer has mentioned is very costly for RM5.90. There are other items such as knitting yarns and needles are also pricely for RM5.90😂😂😂

                          • Sue

                            My best to go to shop nowadays is Mr DIY! Hv everything cheaper then regular shops n those rm5 shops too! Well worth

                            • Sachs

                              Yeah... without RM2 store people just dream the things that they want to own. Not all the people can afford the higher price for the product just for the price of RM2. Now it seems that foods was pricey than goods.

                              • Yvonne

                                Thanks for sharing such useful info

                                • Tony Lee

                                  I totally agree