Get Free Drones, Tablets, Shopping Vouchers, and More With RinggitPlus!

Every month, we update our list of products that you can get for free when you sign up for a credit card, personal loan, or insurance with us. Check out what's in store this month!

RinggitPlus has always strived to provide value to our customers. Since its inception, we have worked hard to live up to our motto, “more for your money”. We do this with our robust comparison tool to compare the many credit cards, loans, and insurance policies available in Malaysia, ensuring you choose the best product for your needs.

On top of that, if you apply for the financial product through RinggitPlus, we sweeten the deal by offering attractive sign-up offers! These gifts are manually curated and regularly updated to be as attractive as possible.

To make it easy for you, we have set up this page to showcase all the sign-up offers and gifts that you stand to get simply by applying for any financial product (credit card, insurance, personal loans) available at The gifts vary depending on the product, and this page will be updated whenever there are new sign-up offers.

Free Gifts for September 2018

Here is the list of sign-up offers and gifts you can expect to redeem when you apply for our products:

RinggitPlus Super Six Birthday Bash 2018

RinggitPlus is turning six years old! To celebrate our birthday, we want to reward new credit card and personal loan applications via RinggitPlus with our participating banks. Approved applications will receive a Super Six Birthday Bash gift set, which comprises an Oppo A71k smartphone, a GetFi Sim Starter Pack, a RP 5,000mAh powerbank and a 12-month iFlix subscription.

Get the Super Six Birthday Bash gift set when you apply for a credit card or a personal loan for the following banks: Citibank, Standard Chartered, RHB bank and KFH personal financing. You can head here for more information.

Oppo A71k

For people who are looking for a good entry-level smartphone, the Oppo a71k is the right smartphone for you. Featuring a 3,000mAh battery, the Oppo A71k can last one whole day between charge, which means more time for you. Additionally, the inclusion of a 13MP rear camera enables the Oppo A71k to outperform other entry-level smartphones when it comes to capturing pictures.

GetFi Sim Card Starter Pack

Now, what great use can you get from a phone without a Sim card? After all, a phone is not entirely a complete device without a Sim card and internet data. As part of our Sixth-anniversary birthday bash, we are giving away a GetFi Sim Card as part of our birthday bash bundle. Additionally, the sim card comes with RM5 credit and 1GB data.

RinggitPlus 5,000mAh Powerbank

Nowadays, a powerbank is essential as we do many things on the go rather than being rooted in one place. After all, not every place has a charge station or a plug point to charge your devices. Luckily for you, we are providing you with our very own 5,000mAh powerbank to compliment the Oppo A71k smartphone.

12-month iflix subscription

Completing our sixth-anniversary gift set is a 12-month iflix subscription worth RM120. Now, you can watch some of your favourite shows via the iflix either on the Oppo phone or other devices for one whole year. However, the iflix subscription is only available for customers who successfully applied for either a credit card or personal loans from RHB, Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank.

Fruit Juicer

Shave hundreds – even thousands – of Ringgit a year by cutting down on that cup of RM10 fresh juice. The benefits of fresh fruit juice are well-known, and there are lots of guides available online to try mixed fruit juices that are not only refreshingly good, but also provide an instant immunity boost. With a juicer at home, it’s a win-win situation for both body and wallet.

Get the juicer for free when you sign up for a new Maybank credit card!

Xiaomi Redmi 6A

The Xiaomi Redmi 6A is considered as one of the best value for money smartphones in its category. The phone features an 18:9, 5.45-inch display screen, which is large but not uncomfortable to hold. Besides that, the fast charge feature means less time plugged in, and more time for you to use it!

Get the Xiaomi Redmi 6A for free when you sign up for a HSBC credit card!

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Manage your fitness routines with the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Boasting a battery that can last for 20 days between charges, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 allows you to extend and get the most out of your fitness routines for a substantially long time. Coupled with a simple and sturdy design and a bright OLED display, this Xiaomi Mi Band 2 appeals easily to anyone without being overly complicated.

Get the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for free when you sign up and activate a new BSN credit card!

RM150 Aeon Gift Voucher/RM150 Aeon Big Gift Card

Who doesn’t need a gift voucher or a gift card for one of the largest department stores in the country? Stock up on groceries or shop for clothes and home appliances with either the Aeon Gift Big Card or the Aeon gift vouchers totalling RM150 each.

Get either the RM150 Aeon gift voucher or the RM150 Aeon gift card for free when you sign up for a new Aeon credit card! !

RM200 Giant Voucher

Why not save more money on your grocery shopping with a RM200 voucher from Giant? After all, a gift voucher from one of the largest hypermarket in the country will come handy for any situation, especially during the period near the festive season.

Get the RM200 Giant Voucher for free when you sign up and activate a new Public Bank credit card!

3 Simple Steps To Get These Products For Free

As we mentioned earlier, these sign-up gifts are given to all who successfully apply for a financial instrument on RinggitPlus. Once the respective banks approve your application, these gifts are yours. No strings attached, no lucky draw/lucky dip mechanisms. Get more for your money with RinggitPlus.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1

Apply for the selected product that provides the gift you want, which will only take you a maximum of 10 minutes. Don't forget to provide the relevant documents for the application.

Step 2

After your application is submitted, just sit back and wait for the bank process and approve your application. Don't worry, it will be a short waiting period.

Step 3

Once your application has been approved, we will send an email containing the financial institution's approval and the redemption code for your gift. From there, you can redeem and enjoy your gift.

See, it isn't difficult. Apply, Get Approved and Redeem.

Should you any queries whatsoever, you can always contact us via email ([email protected]) or phone (0378900808).


Agree or disagree with this post? Questions? You also have your word!

  • Ana Syazana

    Hi Ringgit Plus, I successfully applied for personal loan last year (Aug/Sept 2017). Do I still entitle to get the free gift?

    • RinggitPlus

      Hi, Ana Syazana

      You can only get the gifts once you applied for a credit card or personal loan during the duration of the campaign. As such, it depends on the respective campaign and when you apply. If you apply last year when the campaign is starts this year, you can't get the gift because you didn't apply for it during the campaign.

      Thanks for the question and we hope this help.

    • Tan

      Hi. I just success a personal loan with RHB Easy dated 21st Jun 2018, i'm i entitled for Pilihan Raya Selection free gift?

    • BL Yap

      Hi, i applied for the Maybank credit card and I have activated the card. So what gift I entitled and how to redeem? Thank you.

    • Sue

      Hi, I've just applied for PB Visa. How and when would I receive the RM200 Aeon vouchers?

      • RinggitPlus

        Hi, Sue

        Firstly, thank you for applying for your card with us. Secondly, you need to wait for the bank to approve your application, which we will notify you once it is approved. From there, you can use the redemption code that we send to redeem the Aeon voucher.

        Thanks for the question and we hope this helps.

      • Chang

        Hi if I apply my credit card now and approval is in Aug 2018, will I get the free gift?

        • RinggitPlus

          Hi, Chang.

          You will get your gift since you have applied for your products on the designated date. If you have any enquiry, you can always contact us via email ([email protected]) or phone (03 7890 0808).

          Thanks for the question and we hope this helps.

        • TGE

          Stand chart offering smart watch while RP offer drone. Does it means successfull applicants will get both?

          • RinggitPlus

            Hi, TGE.

            You are only entitled to the smartwatch as the drone flash deal was over yesterday. We will update the information very soon. Thanks for the question and we are sorry for the misleading information.

          • Steven

            The redmi 6A is 16gb variant?

            • RinggitPlus

              Hi, Steven.

              Yes, the Redmi 6A is the 16GB variant.

              Thanks for the question and we hope this helps.

            • Liang


              I had applied standard chartered credit card with dji drone promotion. The application had been approved, how and where can i get the TnC details for the promo? Need to know how to claim the gift. Thanks

              • RinggitPlus

                Hi, Liang

                You can contact us directly via email ([email protected]) or phone (03 7890 0808) for the TNC.

                Thanks for the question and we hope this helps.

              • HJ


                I had just get approved for standard chart credit card with drone promotion. I want to know what procedure and how to claim for the gift.

                • RinggitPlus

                  Hi, HJ

                  Firstly, congratulations on your credit card approval. Normally, we will send you a code for you to redeem the product. All you have to do is to use this code our designated page. if you need more assistance, you can always contact us via email ([email protected]) or phone (03 7890 0808)

                  Thanks for the question and we hope this helps.

                • Chan

                  Hope there will be another drone offer.

                  • Gary

                    Hi there,

                    I had apply standard chartered credit card with drone promotion on Aug 9.
                    Approval and activation done by Aug 29.
                    Today is Sep 21. When will I receive my redemption code?
                    According to Diana, i need to wait 30 days for the grace period.

                    • RinggitPlus

                      Hi, Gary.

                      We are sorry to hear about the inconvenience that you are experiencing. Perhaps, you could contact us via email ([email protected]) or phone (03 7890 0808) to follow up on the redemption.

                      Thanks for the question and we hope this helps.