Hong Leong Wise Card Revamp: 8% Weekend Cashback On All Categories

Effective 1 July 2019, the new HLB Wise Card will offer cashback for three fixed categories at up to 8% per category.

Hong Leong Bank has revamped its popular Hong Leong Wise cashback credit card, thoroughly changing the way it offers cashback. Effective 1 July 2019, the new HLB Wise Card now offers cashback for three fixed categories, at up to 8% per category – but with a lower monthly cashback cap.

The new Hong Leong Wise Card will see the current cashback features thoroughly changed. The new Hong Leong Wise credit card cashback features will be fixed to three categories: Groceries, Dining, and Petrol – and with a tiered weekday/weekend cashback of 1% and 8% respectively. The minimum spend amount to unlock the 1%/8% cashback is RM500, and cashback is capped at RM18 per category per month. Finally, the card’s annual fee is significantly reduced to RM98 for both Gold and Platinum.

Currently, 10% cashback is awarded to three spending categories (two user selected from nine category, one fixed "bonus" category Mobile/telco payments), capped at a generous RM100 per month. But, cardholders will need to spend a minimum of RM2,000 to unlock the cashback. These features will be replaced by the new Wise card effective 1 July 2019.

Here’s how the new HLB Wise credit card’s features look like:

Spend category Weekday cashback Weekend cashback Cashback cap per month
Petrol 1% 8% RM18
Groceries 1% 8% RM18
Dining 1% 8% RM18
Others 0.25% 0.25% Unlimited

1%/8% cashback only with minimum spend of RM500 for that month

From the table, the new Hong Leong Wise card’s cashback features looks like it would appeal to a broader audience, as the spending categories include frequently used ones. The lower minimum spend requirement makes it more appealing, too, though cardholders should be mindful of the monthly cashback cap – at 8%, the RM18 cap would be hit with RM225 spending per category. Any further spend will be awarded 0.25% cashback.

As mentioned earlier, the new Hong Leong Wise credit card’s cashback features will only come into effect from 1 July 2019. Current Wise cardholders will still enjoy the current benefits for all transactions made this month.

(Source: Hong Leong Bank)


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  • Nelson

    no more utilities for spend category?

    • Vincent

      Yes. Utilities fall under “Others” category which give you UNLIMITED 0.25% cash back just like beggar.

    • Cool

      So many T&C :D

      • Elle

        Every bank reduced their cash back and terms :(
        Then charge us for paying cash through ATM Machine 😡

        • Yap pei chan

          I am housewife, can apply?

          • Max

            Nearly all card provider stop rewarding utilities txn. I wonder why.

            • Vic

              in this case still required annual fee?

              • Sally

                Yes, reduced to RM98 for both Gold and Platinum

              • Walter

                Any recommended card for utilities cash back? Going to terminate this card after June usage, no point to hold this card after using so many years just for 8% + capped at RM18 only.

                • Sally

                  Agreed, looking for better features card

                • BB

                  the minimum spend of rm500 is per category? means petrol rm500, groceries rm500, dining rm500?

                  • Adam

                    So now more phone bill category? From 10% become 0.25%? :|
                    Any alternative card recommend?

                    • Syafiq

                      Wise card cashback unlocked criteria used to be swipe RM50 x 10 times per months, to enjoy 10% cashback on 2 spending categories + telco.. Really love this card during that period. Cancelled my card after they changed the unlock criteria to min spend of RM2000..

                      • NG SONG JING

                        What conditions can I apply?

                        • Bryant

                          Very upset with the new criteria...but nothing to say..anyway, since it can't satisfied my need anymore, will look for any other card which suit me more.

                          • Jay

                            Bye Citibank