Go Green with Maybank
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In an effort to do a little more to preserve our environment for future generations, Maybank has devised some interesting tools to encourage you to do your part with their m2u loves the earth campaign.

Go Green with Maybank

Here’s a peek at what this new section on their website offers:

  • Tips: on how you can make environmentally friendly decisions when banking.
  • A Green Quiz: Think you are Mother Earth’s golden child? Take the quiz to find out where you stand in the environmentally friendly stakes.
  • Happenings: As a promoter of greener habits, Maybank also organises events for staff members with regards to environmental conservation.
  • M2U Green Calculator: This handy online calculator allows you to track how much you can actually save when you switch to paying your bills online and essentially go ‘paperless’.

caption: an example of what the calculator can do

Maybank2u has collaborated with several local non-profit environment organisation with links to their activities. If you’d like to donate to their cause, there’s a how-to at the bottom of the section page on Maybank2u. To check out more on this initiative, just click here to do your part.


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