Grocery shopping online: All you need to know

Eggs; click. Fish; click. Rice; click... Thinking of doing your grocery shopping online? We've got all the information in our handy guide.

With the number of things you can do online, it was only a matter of time before grocery shopping was added to the list. Web store giants Amazon have just launched their grocery delivery service Amazon Fresh; which for now only serves Seattle, USA but hopes to expand throughout the country. Fortunately for Klang Valley residents, many good Malaysian online grocery stores have sprouted to serve you online.

In this guide, RinggitPlus takes a good look at grocery shopping online; how it works, the pros and cons and, most importantly, how it affects your wallet.

Shopping online basics

Trudging through a wet market or a crowded shopping mall on a weekend just doesn’t seem a nice way to spend what little free time working urbanites have. Now you can avoid all that with a simple click.

For ease of comparison, we’ve chosen three with the best variety of local and imported; premium and regular priced items.

The three we found with the best variety were: Tesco, RedTick and Presto. 


Shopping is easy. Items are organised according to category on all three sites but you can do it the quick way by just clicking the search bar and entering a keyword. Presto doesn’t require you to have an account by signing up will help store your previous order information. Tesco and Redtick require you to open an account.

Just like any other online shopping experience: add what you want to your account and checkout!

Delivery areas and timing

Not all stores deliver everywhere. For now, these stores deliver to Klang Valley/Kuala Lumpur areas only. There is usually a link on the page for you to check delivery zones:

1.  Tesco Online’s delivery area checker:

2.  Presto Online’s delivery area and fees:

3.  RedTick Online’s delivery

Delivery prices vary for each store. Tesco starts at a flat RM10. Presto is RM8 for orders below RM100 and free for those above RM100. Redtick has a range: RM5 for orders RM100-200; RM10 for orders RM50 – RM100; RM15 for orders <50, and free on orders above RM200.

Tesco requires you to book a delivery slot. You can book slots up to three weeks in advance with Tesco and up to 7 days in advance with Presto.

Presto delivery slots are hourly from 10am to 10pm and you may select the delivery time of your choice upon checkout. RedTick has limited delivery slots (6 a day) every two hours from 10 am to 10pm.


Tesco online only accepts credit (Visa and Mastercard – American Express not accepted at present) or debit card payment at the moment. Your friendly delivery man will carry with him a portable credit card reader so you only make payment once you’ve inspected the goods and have agreed to accept the delivery. This is because, due to stock changes, you might receive a substituted item if the actual item you ordered isn’t in stock. 

Presto, accepts cash and credit cards (all major credit cards) also upon delivery. There is also an option to pay at online checkout via Paypal. RedTick also offers cash or credit on delivery or online payment via MolPay.

From a pure numbers point of view

Taking the same three online stores we mentioned in part one; here’s how the numbers add up when compared to physical stores. Tesco is a low price leader hypermarket and Jaya Grocer is considered to most as an upmarket store catering to a wealthier set.

Items Jaya Grocer (physical store) Tesco (physical store) Tesco (Online) RedTick (Online) Presto (Online)
Carton of 30 eggs RM10.99 RM10.85 (Grade A) RM10.85
(Grade A)
RM11.90 (Grade not stated) RM15.60 (N/A in carton of 30. Only premium eggs in cartons of 10: RM5.20ea)
Rice 10kg (Local) RM25.90 RM23.95 RM23.95 RM39.90 RM26
Cooking oil 5kg RM14.70 RM14.70 RM14.70 RM14.70 RM14.70
Onions (1kg) RM2.39 RM1.29 RM1.29 RM4 (2 packs. Pre-packed, 500gms each pack) RM3.20 (pre-packed 800g)
Potatoes (1kg) RM3.59 RM1.99 RM1.99 RM5 (2 packs. Pre-packed, 500gms each pack) RM3.99
Mustard leaves (Sawi) (1kg) RM3.90 RM3.70 RM3.70 RM8.70 (900g) RM6 (900g)
Chinese Broccoli (Kailan) (1kg) RM7.50 RM9.59 RM9.59 RM15 RM11.20
Milk (1L) RM6.20 RM6.29 RM6.29 RM6.49 RM6.10
Chicken thigh (1kg) RM9.90 RM6.99 RM6.99 RM12.25 N/A
Black Pomfret Fish (Bawal) (1kg) RM30 RM12.99 RM12.99 RM23.60 (700gm) RM35.50
Salt (1kg) RM0.80 RM2 (900g) RM1.30 (900g) RM1.50 RM7.50 (imported)
Sugar (1kg) RM2.60 RM2.60 RM2.60 RM2.60 RM2.50
Milo (2kg) RM32.90 RM29.99 RM29.99 RM34.69 RM35.90
Floor cleaner (2L) RM11.45 RM11.45 RM11.99 RM13.49 RM11.90
Laundry Detergent (Powder 2.5KG) RM9.60 RM7.59 RM7.59 RM10.75 RM9.50
Delivery/ Parking charges Parking RM2 per entry on weekends, RM2 per hour on weekdays Free (1st 2 hours with RM30 minimum spend) RM10 (cost will vary depending on number of items purchased) Delivery area is limited. Free (order above RM100) RM5 (orders RM100-200)
Grand total RM174.42 RM145.97 RM155.81 RM204.57 RM194.59

*All prices are correct at the time of writing. Prices subject to change due to store promotions and other internal factors.

With the exception of Tesco Online, it does appear that shopping online can be expensive choice. The majority of online sites stock premium and imported items which is indicative of the target market being upper income groups and expats. Tesco promises that all prices online will match that of physical Tesco stores. Promotions and prices at Tesco can change frequently, so unless you’ve compared both the site and the physical store on the same day; you may see small discrepancies in prices.

The pros and cons of buying online

If you’re the kind who’s concerned with more than just the ringgit value, there are some other considerations. Here is a checklist of pros and cons to shopping online:


  • Convenient. This definitely tops the list as it’s as easy as clicking a button. No more fighting with other shoppers for parking and at cashier lines. 
  • Time saving. If you’ve got a hectic schedule, this is the way for you. It also frees up a lot more time on your weekends for you to do things you care about.
  • Great for budgeting. Shopping online is one way to ensure you stick to your budget. Without the temptation of smells and sights at a mall that urges you to stray from your shopping list; you’ll simply buy what’s on your list.
  • Great for those who aren’t mobile. If you are handicapped or rely on public transport, shopping for large quantities of goods can be challenging. Buying online saves the trouble of lugging around large amounts of groceries. It’s delivered to your door.


  • Unable to inspect goods. Although many offer the opportunity to turn away goods that aren’t to your satisfaction, you will then either have to wait for a new delivery or go without until you head to the store.
  • No current stock update. Many online grocery stores don’t update as often as products are constantly being brought in and sold. This makes it nigh impossible to determine if the item you want is in stock or if you will be given a replacement.
  • Limited delivery areas and times. You may not always get the time slot you want and if you have a hectic schedule, you may not have hours to spare rushing home to wait for the delivery man at a non-peak time. Sometimes, it is a lot easier to just pop into a store.
  • Not worthwhile for small purchases. A full cart like the one above makes the RM8-RM15 delivery fee and planning of delivery times negligible. But if you are a single person household; you may not buy so much and paying RM10 for a delivery of a few items plus the hassle of planning out delivery times may not be worth it. 

Anything else?

Online grocery shopping is definitely going to be more popular in days to come. It’s not hard to see why. The convenience it offers is quite unparalleled. But for those of you who still prefer taking a good look (and squeeze, yes we know you do it!) at your produce before buying – nothing will beat heading down for some good old fashioned aisle hopping.

Nb: The list of online stores above were chosen based on the wide variety of products available. Smaller, niche online shopping sites are also available. Check out MatRuncit and YouBeli for limited sundry items; FoodWorld for gourmet fresh meat and seafood; or DoorStep for office pantry supplies. 


Agree or disagree with this post? Questions? You also have your word!

  • Azura

    Kelvin, you are probably right on facts, but why do i get a sense that you are a Tesco employee or at least paid for by Tesco..

    • Eric

      Tesco DOES NOT offer online payment. Imagine if you want to buy cartons and cartons of Mandarin oranges for CNY to deliver to your clients, but since there is no way to pay for the shopping, too bad, business is lost.

      • RinggitPlus

        Hi Eric, thanks for your comment! I did mention in the article that payment is only upon delivery as the delivery person will carry a portable card reader for the job. But yes, It is is difficult when one wants to order something for someone else. Hopefully, Tesco will rectify this soon!

        • IsaacLiew

          But this is also a better way to secure your payment and customer details and also to prevent customer cancel the order. In that case, it's hard for customer to retrieve back the payment. Last but not the least, also for the sake of the driver safety. By the way, I am really support on Tesco door step credit card payment.

        • Kelvin poh

          Wow, compared with all these 3 supermarket, it's seem that Tesco offer the cheapest price. The pricing in online store and physical store are exactly the same while many others supermarket will charge higher in online store.

          • Susan Lawrence

            Tesco run out of stock fast and this is bad. Tesco need to take note on this issue.

            • IsaacLiew

              I seldom see that Tesco run out of stock , even it did the next day they will replace by new stocks. Plus, Tesco have wide range of product and many others brand even one of it is out of stock but still have many others brand for you as a second options. :)

              • Same L0rrr

                Tesco is big but with little portion of staff, every time when I was not able to receive some assistant from staff to inquire or search some product that I want because it go not staff over there at some particular department. Lack of customer service...

                • Kelvin Poh

                  Tesco got many department, different department with clearly categorized item and brand. It's not that hard to find. Plus some of the special counter should have their own promoter so it's not a big deal. Plus, every supermarket is the same, in some common product there will have no promoter because customer should know what they need.

                  • Savvy

                    Tesco prices were high up one after the GST implementation. Drypers was previously around RM 31-35. On 1st April, Drypers was sold at Tesco for RM50+ Now the price down to RM 31.

                    • Kelvin Poh

                      Yup, as you said Tesco has just reduced the price back to rm31. I think because that was the first day of GST and that's why many others product pricing also not stable raised and dropped within a few days. Guess now has no more this issue because since the first day of GST until now already the third month and price should be all adjusted accordingly and it's stable.

                      • IsaacLiew

                        Now only I noticed that Tesco delivery coverage is quite wide compared with the another 2. Hope it can expand wider to let everyone enjoy the service.