How to Quit Your Job
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Leaving a job when you have reached its peak and want to accomplish more is an acceptable reason to move on, but be sure to do it as gracefully as possible. While some people will tell you, the company has no love for you and will survive without you anyway, do the right thing and serve your notice as you would hope a staff or colleague of yours will if they had tendered.

Here are some tips and basic etiquette to play by when you are leaving a job.

How to Quit Your Job

Act Responsibly

You were hired to do something and you accepted the responsibility. While there is nothing much the company can do to you if you don’t, you shouldn’t deliberately cause any type of damage towards the company. Especially if it is out of spite and you think you have been treated unfairly. This by no means equates to justice. In the end, you may put yourself in a position that causes more damage than good to your own career. If the company loses a client due to your negligence and is able to prove it, you could end up facing a lawsuit.

Tie Up Loose Ends

Unless you work for the mafia, then this is an exception. Don’t tie up the loose ends (kill people). In any other aspect of a legal job, you should carry out your duties to your best capabilities despite it being the last few days of your employment. On top of that, it won’t be fair to your colleagues and friends to pick up the trail of dirt and clean up your mess after you leave.

Don’t Burn Bridges

There are cases where the employer does take advantage of the fact that you are leaving and does put a lot more on your plate, even to the extent of treating you unfairly. There are such cases where they are unhappy you are leaving and they want you to know it, or sometimes they realize you are the right person for the job and before you leave they want you to do them a favor and help them get things done. Relationships with past employers are important. They work as references and could very well help catapult you to the top of the food chain if you play your cards right.

Imagine a scenario if you go to a new company, and find yourself in a position where you think you fit in better at your old work place as compared to your new place of employment, you won’t be able to go back if you left on bad terms.

Don’t Steal

While it is not in everyone’s nature to do so, there are people who do take items out of the office. Just because these items are lying around, does not mean you should, even though it will go unnoticed. Especially if you work in a warehouse, where small items can easily be taken.

More importantly, do not steal privileged information. If you are going to a competitor, do not use that as a bargaining chip. How would you feel if someone took your secrets and showed it to someone else so they could get ahead?

Be Professional

If you intend to leave a company make sure you are firm about it and want to leave for a proper reason. Don’t try to tender your resignation just because you know the company is shorthanded with the hope they will give you something more in return for you to stay. While it may seem like a strategic move, it is not a good way to strong arm your employer into giving you more money or benefits. This could turn ugly and both parties could end up on the losing end.

Serve your notice properly, be responsible and at the end of your term, your employer would be more than happy to write you an exceptional referral letter when you leave.

If you are feeling a little tight on cash after you quit your job, try digging up some of your old coins and banknotes. It could be worth way more today.

Have you had any horrible or special memories of leaving your previous company? Tell us about it, in the comments section below.


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