Here’s How To Get An Extra RM600 Cashback With Alliance Credit Cards
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As Malaysians, whether it’s shopping for essentials or dining out during the weekends, we always hope to get more value for our money – for example, a buy 1 free 1 deal on laundry detergent, a free gift for spending a certain amount, or a delicious dessert on the house at a restaurant. 

Of course, while it’s important to know what to save and splurge on, the Alliance Bank Visa Credit Cards will reward you nonetheless, especially with their latest cashback campaign. 

Get Up To RM600 In Cashback With The Alliance Bank Visa Credit Card

From 1 May 2022 to 31 July 2022, the Alliance RM600 Cashback Campaign allows new cardholders to get up to RM600 in cashback with their new Alliance Bank Visa Credit Card. 

Applicants must first apply for either an Alliance Bank Visa Signature, Alliance Bank Visa Infinite, or Alliance Bank Visa Platinum card to participate. Once approved, here’s how you can obtain cashback throughout the campaign period: 

  • Up to RM150 Cashback – Activate and perform 5 retail swipes with a minimum spend of RM80 per transaction.
  • Up to RM360 Cashback – Spend a minimum of RM2,500 a month. 
  • Up to RM90 Cashback – Sign up for Balance Transfer or Fast Cash with your new card. 

Now, how do you incorporate these spending requirements into your current spending limits? 

One of the ways would be to spend your Alliance Bank Visa Credit Card on your weekly grocery runs or other essential products for your household. 

Spending a minimum of RM2,500 a month can sound hefty at first, but using your new Alliance Bank Visa Card for bill payments, shopping, or even refuelling could get you there, and you may find yourself with up to RM360 in cashback. 

Do take note that insurance payments, e-wallet reloads, and payments made to government bodies are excluded from this campaign’s retail spending requirements. 

Apart from the very rewarding cashback campaign, the 3 types of Alliance Bank Visa Credit Cards also offer cardholders exclusive benefits and rewards. 

A Card For The Finer Things 

If you’re looking for all-around rewards for your day-to-day retail spending and occasional holidays, then the Alliance Bank Visa Signature Credit Card would fit your lifestyle nicely. 

With up to 5% cashback on your retail spendings such as groceries, dining, petrol, bill payments, online purchases, and more, the Alliance Bank Visa Signature Credit Card also gives you 2x Complimentary e-Hailing Rides to the airport worth RM80 per ride. Additionally, you would also be eligible for a 0% Balance Transfer and Fast Cash. 

A Card To Live A Life Of Luxury

For avid online shoppers and travellers, the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite is your infinite rewards partner. With no expiry date on Timeless Bonus Points (TBP) earned, you can redeem and reward yourself with lifestyle merchandises and vouchers at any time. 

For every online purchase and e-wallet reload, you’ll be rewarded with 8x TBP; 5x TBP for groceries, dining, and overseas spending, and lastly, 1x TBP for every contactless payment, and entertainment spendings, auto-billings, and other retail transactions. 

Every Alliance Bank Visa Infinite cardholder is also eligible for a 0% Flexible Payment Plan for flight ticket purchases, hotel bookings, and overseas spending. 

A Card For Limitless Rewards

With the Alliance Bank Visa Platinum card, you can earn up to 8x Timeless Bonus Points (TBP) for every online transaction and e-wallet reload, 3x TBP for every RM1 spent overseas, and 1x TBP for all other retail purchases. Your Timeless Bonus Points redeemed will never expire, so you’re free to redeem and reward yourself anytime. 

Moreover, your annual fee is automatically waived in the first year. 


With specific card rewards and the chance to get up to RM600 cashback, you’ll be spending to save on most of your spending during the campaign period. Apply now for either an Alliance Bank Visa Signature, Alliance Bank Visa Infinite, or Alliance Bank Visa Platinum to start getting rewarded. For more information, head to Alliance Bank’s campaign page here!

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