How To Donate To Ongoing Flood Relief Efforts Via E-Wallets & E-Commerce Platforms
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(Updated on 23 December 2021.)

Following the devastating floods that have swept through several Malaysian states over the weekend, numerous parties have rallied together to offer assistance in various forms and capacities, including the insurance and banking industry, as well as the general public. In this same spirit, several e-wallet service providers and e-commerce platforms, too, have joined in on the effort to help those affected by the aftermath of the floods.

Read on to find out how you can conveniently contribute to the flood relief effort via some of your favourite e-wallets and online shopping platforms.


Boost is hosting an e-donation campaign, allowing users to donate directly to various local humanitarian organisations, including Mercy Malaysia, the Malaysian Relief Agency, and MyFundAction. You will need to tap on the “Donation” tile in your Boost app, after which you can choose from an extensive list of charities. The process is quite a straightforward one.

Aside from that, Boost also gives you the option to donate using your Boost Stars through the BoostUP catalogue. The redemption rate for this contribution stands at:

  • 1,600 Boost Stars: RM2
  • 4,000 Boost Stars: RM5


Grab’s #BantuanBanjir initiative sees it partnering with Mercy Malaysia to raise funds for flood relief efforts, and users will have the option to contribute via GrabPay or by converting their GrabRewards Points into donations. Grab will also match the amount donated, which is then to be channelled to provide appropriate aids for those in need.

This is on top of ongoing relief efforts that Grab has also initiated to help their driver and delivery partners, as well as merchant partners. Among these include a nationwide free delivery promotion for those whose premises and operations have been affected by the floods.

Touch ‘n Go (TNG) eWallet

TNG eWallet users are also able to donate directly to registered charities to help the flood victims. Similar to Boost, go ahead and tap on the “Donation” tile in the main page of your TNG eWallet app, and you’ll be prompted to choose from a list of organisations. At the payment page, make sure to key in “Flood” and your mobile number at the “Payment Details” section (e.g. Flood 01x xxx xxxx) for reference.

TNG eWallet’s FAQ also clarified that all proceeds will go directly to the respective organisations, and that users can donate any amount from RM0.01, up to the monthly transaction limit set for their membership tiers (Lite, Pro, and Premium). Additionally, it reminded that these donations are tax deductible, but you’ll need to contact the respective organisations to obtain the official receipts required for tax filing purposes.


E-commerce platform Lazada has rolled out a Lazada Teman You: Flood Care Relief campaign for the cause, allowing its users to contribute by “purchasing” donation tickets. Among some of the organisations that you can donate to include Mercy Malaysia, Hospis Malaysia, MyFundAction, and the Lost Food Project. There are also options for you to help by purchasing dry food supplies, bottled water and drinks, personal care items, as well as mom and baby supplies for those affected.

If you are making donations to organisations, note that the donation amount starts from RM1. Lazada also clarified that donors must contact the participating organisations directly for all queries relating to the tax relief receipts. To ease the process, however, you are advised to ensure that the “Billing Name” is the same as your name in your IC.


Shopee users can tap on the “Tickets, Top-Ups & Bills” tile in their app, and then scroll down to the “Donation & Finance” section to make donations to the flood relief effort. From there, you can either choose to contribute via “Donations” or “Emergency Flood Relief”.

If you opt for “Donations”, you’ll be able to select from organisations such as Mercy Malaysia and the Malaysian Red Crescent Society. Meanwhile, “Emergency Flood Relief” will prompt you to donate directly to Pertubuhan Kasih Neelofa, under its Charity for Derma Kilat Tabung Banjir.

Again, note that while most of these donations are tax deductible, the payment confirmation receipts provided by Shopee are not accepted as official receipts to be used for tax filing. Instead, you must contact the respective organisation to request for these receipts. Shopee also highlighted that you should double-check with the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) to ensure that the organisations you are donating to are recognised by the board.

Finally, note that you will not earn Shopee Coins for the amount donated, and you’re also not allowed to use vouchers to offset any donation amounts.


With this, we hope that you’ll find it easier to donate and help the flood victims, who are sorely in need of food aid and basic necessities even with the water having receded.

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