Setel Goes Nationwide With Plans To Introduce Several New App Functions

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More Petronas customers will soon be able to enjoy the convenience of Setel as it begins offering its services across Malaysia. Touted as Malaysia’s first fuel e-payment solution, Setel is an app that lets you purchase fuel directly through your mobile devices at Petronas stations.

“As of January 2020, Setel recorded over 3 million transactions and has garnered positive responses from our customers in the Klang Valley. We are now ready to offer Setel nationwide and will be introducing exciting new features in the coming months,” said the chief executive officer of Setel, Iskandar Ezzahuddin.

setel iskandar ezzahuddin

At present, Setel is available at more than 700 Petronas stations, and is expected to rapidly expand nationwide in the next few weeks.

Aside from enabling fuel payments directly from your phone, Setel also integrates Petronas’ Mesra loyalty programme, retail, and e-commerce into its platform. It began allowing the redemption of Mesra points for fuel through the app in August 2019.

Setel also plans to roll out several new features in the following months, although there is no specific timeline in place. One such feature is “Setel for Family”, which basically lets Setel account holders pay for their family members’ fuel expenses from the same account.

There is also the “Order, Pick Up, and Go” feature, which allows you to pre-order food and drinks from the stations before you arrive.  Another upcoming feature to look out for is the integration of the Setel app into the head unit of your car, although this will require partnerships with car manufacturers.

setel azrul osman rani

“The current features of Setel is just the beginning. Anchored on seamless and frictionless experience, we will be providing the right solutions and partnerships to enrich the customer journey beyond refuelling,” said the managing director and chief executive officer of Petronas Dagangan Berhad, Azrul Osman Rani.

Setel was first introduced in July 2018 by Petronas, and was promoted as a solution to eradicate customer pain points when refuelling. You can download it for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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