Inexpensive Ways to Increase the Value of Your House

Not everyone can afford major renovations to improve their home. We found some inexpensive ways you can still boost the value of your house in a buyer’s eyes without heavy costs.


It is not uncommon to find a heavily renovated house going for nearly twice the amount of the surrounding properties thanks to the generous facelift it received from its owners.

However, expensive renovation is not the only way you can help boost the value of your property. We found small, inexpensive ways you can help your house stand out from the rest if and when you decide to sell it.

Inexpensive Ways to Increase the Value of Your House

Keep it Clean

Many people overlook the importance of keeping their house in spick-and-span condition. Whilst you may think it is merely about aesthetics; dirt and grime can cause expensive damage to a house that is not only costly to fix – it will make potential buyers think twice!

For example, grime covered bathroom tiles stain for good if left unchecked; as do kitchen countertops that have been exposed (but not immediately cleaned) to oil and food particles. Stained tiles often need to be changed as do countertops.

Dirt may also attract vermin into your home that end up causing more damage.

Pay Attention to Positioning of Fixtures and Fittings

Nothing annoys a potential buyer or tenant quite like a carelessly placed fixture that not only inconveniences the user; it sometimes renders the fixture positively useless.

This writer cannot stress enough the number of times she has seen toilet paper holders placed directly under showers and air-con units placed in corners and crevices that make airflow positively impossible to reach the living areas and the occupants!

It costs nothing to consider the layout and plan of your home carefully so as not to place fixtures and fittings in such silly places that you cause more trouble than you solve by installing them.

Invest in Good Quality Paint

Some cost required here but definitely less than to renovate or modify the structure of your home. Investing in good paint both inside and outside the house can protect the structure of your home (at least for a few years) from the affects of mold, mildew and weather damage.

Don’t just take the word of the paint brand of course, ask around and check out local forums for advice on the best paint to use. You won’t need to do it every year but keeping your home well-painted will surely serve to make it look much better in the eyes of a potential buyer!

Consider Convenience When Choosing Fittings

All houses will need the usual curtain rods, water heaters, lights and nowadays, aircon units too. Whilst it might be tempting to attempt an avant garde type of curtain rod or fancy lights – consider the convenience and feasibility of finding the complements you need to match such as light bulbs and curtains.

If you (and subsequently your new buyer) are forced to pay hundreds of ringgit to custom-make a curtain every time you need a new one – it’s going to get old pretty fast. Ditto on the light bulbs that require trips to 5 different hardware stores to find (cough* true story* cough).

Similarly, think about the location and availability of plug points. We rely on so many electrical items in the home – the safe and convenient thing to do is ensure you have enough plug points for all your appliances!

You may think it is no big deal and a buyer could easily change these items – put yourself in his shoes. If he has to choose between, say, your home that requires rare light bulbs, expensive upholstery and specialised technicians because your aircon brand is obscure; and the other house down the street with ordinary, fuss-free fittings; which do you think he will choose?

Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home – the convenience could help you keep sanity when maintaining your home too!

Keep Things in Good Repair

Just like your health – leaving a maintenance problem too long can cause it to deteriorate into a very costly job than it would have been had you dealt with it in the outset.

Did you notice a clogged sink? Get it unclogged before you burst a pipe! Perhaps you noticed a slight leak in the ceiling – get it fixed before a deluge finds it’s way into your living room!

Rust, corrosion, dirt and wear and tear can take ugly tolls on a house and if not dealt with in a timely fashion – can cause even bigger, sometimes irreparable damage to a home.

Whilst not all fixes may be cheap – they are worth handling before they become larger problems.

Good Housekeeping

A lot of these tips are pretty basic but if kept up, can put your house above the rest in the market if you decide to sell it. But what is best for a potential buyer is also best for you.

Wouldn’t you want to live in a well-cared for home? Of course!

If you need financing for your home projects or if you’ve decided on it – renovations; consider renovation loans that often come tied into your home loan. You can similarly apply for a personal loan or even remortgage your house for a higher amount but lower interest rate.

Renovation financing is outside the scope of this article but stay tuned for a separate article soon!

In the meantime, check our our list of the best home loans in Malaysia for your home financing needs.


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