Satisfy Your Cravings This Fasting Month With These Online Ramadan Bazaars
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One of the things that Malaysians look forward to during the Ramadan month is the evening bazaars, but that’s a no-go now with the government prohibiting large gatherings as part of the movement control order (MCO) restrictions. However, that’s not to say that you’ll be deprived of your Ramadan favourites this year!

Malaysians are a tenacious lot when it comes to food, and Ramadan traders have rallied together to bring things online, so here’s a list of where you can still get your murtabak and ayam percik.

E-bazaar platforms

A number of these e-bazaar platforms are initiatives organised between the state government and other relevant parties. There are also various others that were developed via partnerships between vendors, banks, riders, and so on.

E-bazaar platforms endorsed by state governments
Selangor: E-Kitchen Platform Selangor (PLATS) and Grab Selangor/GrabFood e-Kitchen


PLATS’ 77 e-kitchens are organised according to districts. To order from PLATS, head on over to your preferred “kitchen” for a list of the food available. Note that orders can only be made between 9am to 4pm, whereas deliveries will take place between 3.30pm to 7pm. Prices range between RM5 to RM19.60.

Alternatively, you check out the GrabFood e-Kitchen for your Ramadan refreshments. Grab e-Kitchens are open from 2.30pm onwards, with orders closing at 7pm. That said, you are encouraged to order before 5pm to avoid the last-minute rush.

You may also want to take advantage of an ongoing promotion that gives you up to three free deliveries for your Grab e-Kitchen orders when you link your Maybank2u account to your GrabPay e-wallet.

Perak: S.M.A.R.T [email protected]

smart iftar

To order from the S.M.A.R.T [email protected] initiative, you’ll first be prompted to select your district. From there, you can view a list of the dishes available for purchase, along with the prices. The platform also provides you with each vendor’s contact details as you cannot order from the website. Instead, you need to contact them directly to place your orders.

Pulau Pinang: [email protected]


Penang’s Jom Beli Online (JBO) platform is a partnership between the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) and Delivereat. The Ramadan vendors are listed in the DeliverEat app, and you can order from them the way you usually order food via the app.

You can opt to pay for your purchases via the Touch ‘n Go eWallet, Boost e-wallet, credit card, or FPX transfer. Touch ‘n Go eWallet has an ongoing promotion that gives you an RM5 discount when you pay with the e-wallet. It also has a free delivery promotion going on, but it cannot be stacked with the RM5 discount.

Johor: eBazar Makmur and MuslimBrands

ebazar makmur

eBazar Makmur is Johor’s official e-bazaar platform, where you can browse through its list of registered vendors and contact them via WhatsApp to make your purchases. The website also reminds you to make your payments only after the vendor has confirmed that they will accept your orders.

If you prefer to order via a mobile app instead, then the MuslimBrands app may be a better option for you. The app is originally a marketplace that caters to vendors and buyers looking for halal products, but it has recently partnered with system provider, eBAZARA, to provide e-bazaar services to Johorians.

Terengganu: GanuShop


GanuShop was originally launched as a local e-commerce platform for various vendors across Terengganu. Managed by Yayasan Pembangunan Usahawan (YPU) in collaboration with the service centres of the state assembly (DUN), Ramadan bazaar vendors are now also tapping into the marketplace’s ecosystem for their businesses. Purchases made through the app are paid via its own e-wallet.

Pahang: PahangMart

pahang mart

PahangMart originally served as an online supermarket portal to help the people of Pahang during the MCO period. It now doubles as a platform to host Pahang’s e-bazaar initiative. Essentially a directory of sorts, you will need to input your location to get a list of the Ramadan vendors operating around you. From there, you can contact them for your orders. PahangGo, which developed PahangMart, will also assist with the delivery of your orders to you.

(Source: iRujukan)

Other e-bazaar platforms
Bazaar COD

bazaar cod

Bazaar COD has a wide selection of food from 18 districts within Klang Valley, including raya cookies and cakes as well. It also clarifies that while you can order food from other districts, the delivery fee charged will be higher. As is the case with various other e-bazaar platforms, you will have to contact the vendors directly to make your purchases and to find out how to pay.


Bazar.Delivery is a collaboration between Bank Muamalat and toyyibPay, and it lets you buy from vendors who are within 5km of your location. The platform is also currently offering introductory vouchers worth RM6 to the first 1,000 customers who register on the platform, as well as to customers who spend a minimum of RM60.

Bazaar Rakyat

bazaar rakyat

Bazaar Rakyat is one of the more elaborate e-bazaar efforts carried out, offering its services to vendors and customers in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Selangor, as well as several other states. Aside from buka puasa food and drinks (rice, noodles, cakes, cookies, and so on), there are also products such as baju raya, footwear, handbags, gadgets, and even electronic appliances. According to its founder, the platform has 350 vendors ready to serve Malaysians.

Cyberjaya Farmers Market

cyberjaya farmers market

If you’re staying within Cyberjaya, then you should check the Cyberjaya Farmers Market out. It’s clear that this platform was originally meant for the vendors and customers of Cyberjaya’s pasar tani, but it now features Ramadan specials as well. However, it seems to carry more kuih, cookies, and snacks than buka puasa dishes.



Dekatni offers local Ramadan favourites – such as satay, lontong, and nasi arab – and you’ll need to contact the vendors directly to find out more about the mode of delivery and payment if you wish to place an order.


(Image: TeknoRatz)

E-ftar is a collaboration between foodpanda with Media Prima Television Networks and various local government councils. It features more than 200 different vendors selling dishes that are only available during the holy month. These include roti john, murtabak, and ayam percik. You can order from this e-bazaar via a dedicated section in the foodpanda app.



Foodah serves only selected areas, namely Kuala Lumpur, Taman Melawati, Kepong, Rawang, Kajang, Sentul, and Batu Caves. In terms of selection, it’s somewhat limited, but most vendors on this platform seem to have pretty frequent delivery time slots. You will also need to contact the vendors directly to sort out your deliveries.

Fashion Valet

fashion valet

Given its name, Fashion Valet is clearly a marketplace for clothes, accessories, and other beauty items. This Ramadan month, however, sees it offering food products from restaurants, home-cooked meals, as well as raya cookies and delicacies. It serves Malaysians across the country, including West Malaysia.

iftar4u is a collaboration between Moovby, GoGet, and FriedChillies. The app boasts more than 1,000 local and national favourites on its menu in 10 locations. It currently caters only to customers within Gombak, Subang Jaya, and Bangi, but will soon expand its services to seven other areas, including Puchong, Petaling Jaya, and Cyberjaya. Only cashless payments are accepted.



JomCariKiah has a decent selection of Ramadan offerings – from main course to appetisers and desserts – but what makes this platform different is the use of videos to promote each vendor’s food. Through these videos, vendors get a better opportunity to highlight the uniqueness of their dishes, such as the ingredients that are used. If you have enquiries or would like to make a purchase, do contact them directly.



We’ve written about NakMakan before, when it was first introduced by MyEG – and now here it is! It has two sections that you can check out for your raya needs: NakMakan and NakRaya. Under NakMakan, you’ll get your buka puasa favourites. NakRaya, on the other hand, features fashion items, home décor, beauty accessories, and others.

Orbit Malaysia

orbit malaysia

Orbit Malaysia has collaborated with several well-known local F&B brands to bring you a variety of premium halal dishes for Ramadan. If you’ve been missing food from Burgerbros TTDI, Papagrilz, Grafa Café, and Cream Caramel, then this is a site that you’ll want to check out. From steaks to classic Ramadan dishes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. That said, expect to pay a little more for these dishes; they tend to be fancier than your typical bazaar food. Payments are done through online transfers; there do not seem to be any other payment options.



WatsapKita is a community-driven platform, where it focuses on organising bazaar meal deliveries by small businesses within a 3km radius from your location. To purchase from this platform, you must spend a minimum of RM20, and you’re allowed to order from a maximum of 3 different vendors for a one-time delivery charge. You can make the payment for your purchases via Boost, kiplePay, or Billplz. Also, if you do pay with Boost and spend at least RM30, you will earn yourself a cashback of RM3.

(Source: FriedChillies)

Online bazaars (Facebook groups)

ramadan e-bazaar_fb groups

Apart from dedicated e-bazaar platforms, many Ramadan vendors have also taken to creating Facebook groups to sell their products. These groups are established according to areas, so you’ll have to search for them according to location.

In general, you’ll find these groups to be very lively and responsive. Traders will post their menus, and interested customers can contact them directly to enquire or purchase. Here are some within the Klang Valley that you can check out:

SME Corp Ramadan eBazaar Portal

sme corp

Another avenue that you can also look into is the Ramadan eBazaar portal hosted on the SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp) website. SME Corp is essentially an agency under the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) that coordinates the implementation of development programmes for SMEs. In this portal, you’ll be able to search for various online bazaars across various platforms, including dedicated websites, Facebook, and even Telegram.


While the Covid-19 pandemic and MCO restrictions have certainly made this year’s Ramadan bazaar experience an extraordinary one, this list is clear proof that the Ramadan spirit is not lost. As you indulge in your favourites through these online bazaars, though, remember to continue practising social distancing and proper hygiene.

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