Credit card free watermelon
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Credit card free watermelon

You may not have been offered free watermelons to sign-up for a new credit card but you can hardly miss all the promotions for new credit card holders. Whether its Citibank giving away 200,000 reward points or Standard Chartered’s 15% petrol cashback promotion the banks are falling over themselves to offer the best new credit card application promotions.

In his new monthly column for KiniBiz our CEO tells us why we should always think twice about great offers and make sure we do our research.

“Just as Pandas don’t eat, shoot and then leave, watermelons are naturally free of credit cards. No applications necessary. A carefully inserted Oxford comma would have made it clear that those juicy melons are the bait to hook credit-hungry customers. Not an unfortunate side effect of the GM food revolution. But that wheelbarrow load of fruit raises a rather serious question – how easily can a customer be bought?”

Read the rest of this article at Kinibiz.


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