EPF: Payments For Current i-Sinar Applications Start Today

(Image: Malay Mail/Hari Anggara)
(Image: Malay Mail/Hari Anggara)

Applications for the i-Sinar facility made before 25 February will be progressively approved in batches, said the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) in a statement today. Additionally, payments for the applications will be disbursed starting from 2 March 2021 (today).

According to the EPF, these applications include those that are still awaiting approval or were previously rejected, before the improvised i-Sinar facility without eligibility criteria was implemented. For context, earlier i-Sinar applicants were required to meet certain eligibility criteria in order to qualify for the assistance, but these criteria were eventually removed in mid-February. Following that, all EPF members below the age of 55 are allowed to make withdrawals from their Akaun 1, subject to their remaining account balance.

“The EPF appreciates members’ patience while this process is under way. Members who continue to see an unchanged application status may recheck their status on subsequent days,” said the provident fund.

Aside from this, the EPF also reiterated that members who wish to make new i-Sinar applications following the removal of the criteria can do so starting from 8 March 2021. “This includes non-Malaysian EPF members. New applications will be processed within five working days of submission, after which members may check their application status and payment date,” it said.

Lastly, members who need to amend certain application details – such as the amount to be withdrawn, bank details, address, phone number, and payment method – can also do so starting from 8 March. These amendments can be done via i-Sinar Online.

(Source: EPF, Malay Mail)

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