Jirnexu Joins Google’s Employer Consortium Under Gemilang Digital Training Programme
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Full-stack fintech solution provider Jirnexu has joined Google’s new digital training programme, Gemilang as part of a consortium of top local employers who will recognise qualifications earned through the programme.

The Gemilang programme seeks to empower Malaysians from all walks of life with no prior experience or a degree with the digital skills necessary through a series of self-paced online training courses that enable individuals to pick up key skills in six areas: data analytics, IT support, IT automation, project management, UX design, and digital marketing & e-commerce.

Upon completion, participants will receive Google Career Certificates, which will be recognised by the prospective employers on the consortium. Available on the online education platform Coursera, each Certificate is conceived by Google’s in-house experts with hands-on learning opportunities as learners progress comfortably at their own pace.

Meanwhile, participating employers will have exclusive access to post entry-level roles on a special job portal, where graduates from Gemilang can apply. Aside from Jirnexu, other members of the consortium include major names such as Maybank, Petronas, and McDonald’s Malaysia. Also involved are notable media and marketing companies, such as IPG Mediabrands, The Star Media Group, and Amanz – among others.

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Group chief executive officer and co-founder of Jirnexu, Siew Yuen Tuck, noted the importance and timeliness of the Gemilang programme from Google. “We are excited to be part of the Gemilang programme that seeks to create opportunities in the rapidly growing digital economy for Malaysians from all walks of life,” he said. Among others, Jirnexu operates RinggitPlus, Malaysia’s leading financial marketplace and personal finance publisher.

The managing director of Google Malaysia, Marc Woo, also said that a more equitable and inclusive digital ecosystem is crucial for Malaysia’s digital economy to support as many Malaysians as possible. “We at Google Malaysia, together with our partners, want to provide digital. skilling opportunities to all Malaysians from all backgrounds. It gives me great honor to launch our new training programme, Gemilang. Through Gemilang, even more Malaysians will be able to access training opportunities, learn new skills, find jobs, and build their careers in the digital economy as it continues to grow,” he stated.

In addition, Google is also offering scholarships for 31,000 learners to earn a Google Career Certificate at no cost in a bid to benefit more individuals across the country. The scholarships will be distributed via Google’s partnerships with various education institutions, industry partners, and non-profit organisations. These include Mereka Academy, Celcom Axiata, Trainocate, Women in Tech, and Malaysian Digital Association.

Alongside the Gemilang initiative, Google Cloud is also partnering Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) to offer Google Cloud training curriculum. This is in hopes that undergraduates will be equipped with technical proficiency in cloud computing, and ultimately, be prepared for careers in data analytics, machine learning, application development, and others.

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