4 Ways The KFC App Helps You Save
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Whether it’s a special occasion, festive holiday, or after a long day of work, we celebrate with some good food that not only tantalises our taste buds, but also serves as a great way for us to bond over. However, with inflation, some food prices have noticeably increased.   

If you’re looking to save more without compromising on having a great meal with family and friends, you may consider downloading the NEW Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) App. The app has been upgraded with features that let you earn Reward Points, discover RM9.90 Jimat Deals, enjoy App Exclusive Offers up to 25% discount, and more.

  1. Earn Points And Save On Future Meals

Every time you order via the KFC App, you will earn points that you can then redeem as discounts for future purchases. The points can be used for savings on your next purchase, which makes it easy to use and the more you order, the more you save. They can also be very handy to use during those mid-month slumps. Just ensure that you’re logged in to the KFC App while making your order to earn points.

  1. Discover RM9.90 Jimat Deals

Generally, we have three meals a day and they can make up a huge part of our daily expenses. Shaving a few ringgits off our meals could add up to a significant amount over the long run.

Now, you can enjoy and save with the RM9.90 Jimat Deal$ menu that is exclusively available when you order via the KFC App and also http://www.kfc.com.my. 

  1. Enjoy Up To 25% Discount  

As mentioned above, the KFC App has added on new features that will help create a smoother experience for its users. Aside from that, you can check out app-exclusive menus on the KFC App that help you save up to 25%. 

  1. More Exclusive Offers

Subscribing to the KFC App can be beneficial in many ways including being the first to be notified of any offers or presented with privileges on special days. As a way to reward your loyalty, KFC will be giving you a free Snack Plate Combo on your birthday month so you can celebrate with some finger lickin’ goodness.

Plus, for a limited time, new users who sign up on the KFC App will be entitled to a new user promo and get RM10 off! 


With rising inflation, we want to save up any chance we get but still be able to treat ourselves to our favourite meal once in a while. If you’re looking to get some delicious food, why not just order via the KFC App to earn points, get exclusive offers, and more. 

All you need to do is download the NEW KFC App on the Apple Store App and Google Play Store. Do ensure that you’re logged into the NEW KFC App version 2.0 and above so you can enjoy the benefits mentioned. If you’re previously registered with the KFC App or website, you can reuse the same login details as before!

*All promotions are subject to change without prior notice.

Learn more about the KFC App here.  

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