Explore New Business Opportunities With Cleanpro Laundry Franchise
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Walkthrough a township or a busy suburban and you’re likely to spot a Cleanpro Express  — in fact, you might even be a loyal customer of this self-service laundromat as not everybody has a washing machine or a dryer machine at home, or you might just prefer the convenience of doing your laundry in bulk.

As you walk into the familiar sky blue interiors, have you ever wondered how a business such as this operates?

Boasting lower prices and increased convenience with 24-hour facilities for customers, self-service laundromats have become increasingly popular among Malaysians over the past few years, especially among those seeking fast and economical laundry solutions such as students and individuals with fast-paced lifestyles.

But while self-service laundromats offer convenience to customers, these outlets can also be equally beneficial to their owners too. As clean clothing is a  basic necessity, self-service laundromats can be a business opportunity for enterprising investors who are seeking to start their own business or even branch out into a new venture.

To that, Cleanpro is inviting entrepreneurs, business owners, and those of us who are just keen on tapping into the potential of this growing industry to take a closer look at their franchising opportunities.

Cleanpro – Your Neighbourhood Laundromat

You’ve seen these light blue laundromats everywhere, and you’re likely familiar with what it does.

But, did you know, Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn Bhd started its journey as a commercial laundry detergent and chemicals manufacturer and supplier? Later on, the company branched out to laundry machine servicing, then becoming dealers and distributors for laundry machinery, before expanding into the self-service laundry sector.

Today, it has 500 self-service laundry franchise outlets and 2,000 non-franchise outlets across Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, making it one of the largest laundry businesses in South East Asia.

Since it’s presence is already established — you don’t have to worry about building a customer base from scratch. You can leverage on its built-in brand recognition and promote your business as it is.

Your Business Never Closes With A 24-hour Cleanpro Express Self-Service Laundromat

Built to provide convenience for consumers living in densely populated areas and limited space, Cleanpro Express stands a level above their other franchise brands by offering 24-hour self-service laundry outlets backed by Dexter laundry machines.

Without needing in-store support staff and with fully automated laundry machines, franchise owners will benefit from lower business expenses and 24-hour operation means you never have to turn away customers, thereby maximising sales potential.

Cleanpro Express franchise opening process

Every Cleanpro Express franchise outlet receives complete support from a dedicated team that focuses on the laundromat set up. The team helps with almost every aspect of the business from site selection to outlet design, set-up and training, to finally the most important feature of the laundromat, fitting the outlet with laundry washing and dryer machines.

Backed by Dexter Laundry Machines,  A Trusted American Brand Name

If you’ve ever been to a Cleanpro Express outlet, you might already be familiar with the 14kg or 25kg washing machines fitted in the laundromat. Reliable and efficient — these commercial machines are made by  Dexter Laundry equipment, a trusted American brand that has been around for over 125 years.

Washers and dryers by Dexter are known for its reliability and durability as every Dexter washer is designed to withstand a rigorous 1,000-hour test, using a large load and running at maximum extract. In fact, that’s why each Cleanpro Express outlet is only fitted with reliable Dexter machines so that both customers and the outlet owners can enjoy optimum efficiency and durability.

As the sole distributor of Dexter Laundry machinery in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, Cleanpro Laundry Holdings not only offers 2-year warranty on Dexter washers and dryers but also provides responsive technical support as well as servicing and preventive maintenance.

Start Your Cleanpro Express Franchise Journey With A Click!

Even though this laundry business is a self-service one, you won’t be alone in your journey. From ideation to completion, Cleanpro Express offers a supportive set-up team, reliable and durable Dexter machinery, and years of experience in the laundry industry to kickstart your journey.

If you’re interested in learning more about opening a Cleanpro Express outlet, sign up at the link below and get a free consultation.

Learn more about Cleanpro Express franchising opportunities here.


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