Get Much-Needed Business Financing Approved Within 10 Minutes

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If you’re an SME owner in need of financing, you’re definitely not alone. The Covid-19 pandemic wrought far-reaching effects on the health, business, and economic landscape globally, with SMEs in Malaysia being no exception.

SMEs in Malaysia need solutions that are fast and hassle free – so that they can access extra funds to continue their business operations and at the same time cope with the uncertainty of the pandemic, and also for selected SMEs who aim to expand their business. Echoing to the needs of SMEs today, Maybank recently introduced Maybank SME Digital Financing. The platform facilitates SME financing from application until disbursement.

Maybank SME Digital Financing is the top solution for those who want a convenient, completely online application process that is available 24/7 without having to visit a branch. Existing Maybank customers can just apply for financing from RM10,000 up to RM250,000 via Maybank2u or Maybank2u Biz with zero documentation needed! You can even be informed of the decision of your application in as quickly as 10 minutes if all your records are order, with the funds being disbursed within 1 minute upon acceptance of the offer for eligible customers.

What if you are a new customer? Don’t worry! You just need to undergo a brief on-boarding verification process, which can be done without going to the branch in person, and you will be informed of the outcome within 2 working days.

Take a look at this info graphic below to see exactly how easy it is to apply for Maybank SME Digital Financing via

The funds will then be disbursed into a Maybank Business Account. Remember, to enjoy these advantages, you have to be a Maybank Business Accountholder first – so do apply for a Maybank Business Account now to enjoy quicker disbursement. And yes, you can apply for one online via Maybank2u.

If you already have a Maybank Business Account, then head on over to the Maybank SME Digital Financing page now!

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