How You Can Benefit From unifi Business And Transform Digitally
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(Image: MBG Fruit Shop)

Over the years, companies have adopted digital solutions but it wasn’t only after the Covid-19 pandemic that they had to expedite the process. It’s crucial for businesses to exploit new technologies to increase productivity, become cost-effective, improve customer experience, and more, otherwise, they might be left out of such benefits. However, technologies are constantly advancing at high speed and medium businesses with a bigger number of employees may not be able to pivot as fast and easily as micro enterprises that can adapt their business model swiftly. 

With this, medium businesses might need support and guidance so they can start their digital transformation on the right foot. unifi Business offers A to Z services from providing expert consultancy to value-added solutions at affordable prices to businesses. Many have known unifi Business as a leading internet service provider, but it also offers myriad products and services exclusively to its business clients. 

Read on to find out local enterprise MBG Fruit Shop’s digital journey with unifi Business. 

Continuous Support Throughout

Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar or online shop, any downtime caused by technical issues and other disruptions could cost you the opportunity to connect with your customers, increase productivity, and sales. To ensure that you’re properly equipped, unifi Business gives users access to expert guidance throughout your digital journey. 

MBG Fruit Shop’s Adnan Lee is glad that he could reach out to unifi Business’s consultants who are readily available to assist him when he encounters problems in his digital journey.

Adnan Lee of MBG Fruit Shop

Connect With A Wider Audience

In the new normal, more of us are spending time online for our daily activities from getting our favourite ‘roti canai’ to even getting health checkups and it seems like this trend is here to stay. According to Bain & Co, Southeast Asia’s Internet sectors continue to see strong growth and are on track to cross $300 billion by 2025.

Naturally, businesses will want to take advantage of the digital boom and strive in the new normal. As an essential business during the Movement Control Order (MCO), MBG Fruit Shop could still operate in compliance with standard operating procedures. “MBG Fruit Shop’s online sales have increased tremendously during the period thanks to the digital engagement activities we ran to reach out to a wider target audience,” said Adnan.

There are myriad digital services available on unifi Business’s website that can help you boost your business online including email marketing, social media, and search engine marketing. You can also increase awareness by getting listed on [email protected] and connect with potential customers in your shop’s location for free.

(Image: MBG Fruit Shop)

Boosting Productivity With Technologies

Having a stable and reliable Internet connectivity is important as it allows Adnan to focus on managing his business. Currently, MBG Fruit Shop has 34 outlets operating in Malaysia with more than 300 employees serving more than 4 million customers per year. 

“MBG Fruit Shop also relies on business retail transaction tools such as Point Of Sales (POS) systems, accounting, and human resources softwares available on unifi Business’ platform to automate some operations, drive productivity, and reduce costs,” explained Adnan, who is serving as the Managing Director for MBG Fruit Shop.  

(Image: MBG Fruit Shop)

Businesses of all sizes, across all sectors, are increasingly equipping their staff with digital tools. Today, over half of employees in medium businesses have access to Internet and digital tools that significantly improve businesses. Digitalisation reduces transaction costs by  providing quicker access to information and smoothening communication among staff, suppliers, and networks. It facilitates access to resources, including finance (eg. peer-to-peer lending), training, and recruitment channels that include government services, which are  increasingly being made available online. 


Around the world, the pandemic has kickstarted the adoption of new technologies in various industries. It’s getting more common to see cafes, convenience stores, and more put up signs to indicate that they accept QR Code payments, offer delivery services, and more.

It’s important for businesses today to learn the benefits of such technologies and explore more to gain an edge over competitors. 

As mentioned earlier, medium businesses may find it more challenging to switch their business strategies and work procedures as they need to closely observe overhead costs with a larger work force. In addition, adopting technological solutions is probably not a one-off move but a continuous effort in a digital era. If you’re looking for ways to transform your business from traditional to digital, check out unifi Business’ special offers and deals today. 

Find out more here.

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