New To Stock Trading? UTRADE Has What You Need To Get Started

So you’ve heard about stock trading, and you want to dip your toe into the water for the first time. But as a beginner, stock trading can be intimidating – it usually involves a fair amount of technical analysis and research in order for you to make the right decisions that lead to high returns.

A good way to make it easier on yourself as a first-time trader is to pick a trading platform that makes the whole experience a lot easier and simpler for you. One such platform that you could consider when making your first foray into stock trading is UOB Kay Hian.

UTRADE – The Beginner’s Guide To Stock Trading

Especially since you’re new, taking the first step is always the hardest. But UOB Kay Hian offers a convenient way for beginners and even experts alike to buy and sell shares easily with their multimarket online trading platform, UTRADE.

UOB Kay Hian is Singapore’s largest broker with sales offices in the UK, US and Canada. As part of the UOB Group and an associate company of UOB Bank, it has a wide network of over 80 branches globally.

With their holdings listed on SGX (Singapore Exchange), UOB Kay Hian provides brokerage services with a variety of equities and derivatives, investment banking and services, corporate advisory, wealth management, and financial services such as structured financing.

With UTRADE, investors can get convenient access to multiple markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the US. The online platform streamlines the trading process through complex markets by providing their users a variety of reliable tools and services to keep them informed on market trends and opportunities. With one of the most competitive rates in the market, UTRADE allows traders to trade with no minimum deposit.

Additionally, UTRADE also prioritises the protection of clients’ funds and trades with round the clock network security, encryption and multiple firewalls, so traders can trade with peace of mind.

A Variety Of Stocks & Products To Expand Your Investment Portfolio

UTRADE offers an extensive list of secure products and trades such as bonds and equities that are easy to trade and proven to generate high returns in the long run. You can also diversify your portfolio by going into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to effectively grab a hold of different markets. Margin trading is also available for you to boost your trading power.

With their new wealth advisory service, you’ll be able to build a diverse portfolio with a variety of assets such as unit trusts and fixed income products.

Explore The Market With UTRADE’s Tools & Services

To learn and understand the market further, users can make use of tools and services like Stock Screener to filter and sort companies based on their preferences, ChartGenie to implement proven trade strategies, ShareXplorer to acquire a quick summary of a company’s fundamentals with stock charts, key data and latest news and, TechAnalyzer to analyse price patterns to understand market movements.

For clients who wish to have peace of mind, UTRADE also offers custodian services to easily transfer shares to and from their account.

User-Friendly Mobile App

Apart from their web trading platform, UTRADE also has a mobile app that allows investors to trade in local and foreign markets anytime and anywhere securely. Together with UOB Kay Hian’s award winning research team of over 50 analysts and industry experts, investors will also receive exclusive access to insights, tips, ideas, strategies, webinars and latest news.

Dedicated Team of Experts

Along with a convenient trading process, an array of tools and services as well as a dedicated team of experts to keep you informed – UTRADE can do more than to help you get started on stock trading.

Stock trading may be a little overwhelming to say the least but with UTRADE it doesn’t have to be. Head to UTRADE’s website to open an account, set up your portfolio and begin trading!

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