Win An iPhone 14, RM300 E-Wallet Credit When You Protect Yourself With Allianz
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One of the common finance advice that friends and family would always remind us of is to have insurance protection. During the pandemic, many Malaysians struggled to pay for high hospital costs, especially as medical inflation has been rising.

If you want to keep yourself protected in the new norm, HealthInsured is a plan that protects you and your family with comprehensive medical coverage. Its flexible and affordable coverage is able to give you comfort in knowing that you have adequate protection such as No Overall Lifetime Limit and High Overall Annual Limit up to RM5 million and more.

Besides that, you can also keep your family’s financial future protected with Allianz PremierLink. Its affordable monthly premiums and a minimum sum assured of RM 500,000 can ensure your legacy is kept secure.

For a limited time, you can stand to win the brand new iPhone 14 or RM300 worth of E-Wallet credit when you apply for HealthInsured or Allianz PremierLink through RinggitPlus!

Win The iPhone 14 or RM300 Worth of E-Wallet Credit

The recently unveiled iPhone 14 gathered millions of views during its live launch event. If you’re somebody who enjoys Apple products or could simply use the upgrade, you’ll be glad to know that you could stand to win the iPhone 14 when you protect yourself with HealthInsured or Allianz PremierLink. 

The battery life has been extended for even longer use so you won’t have to worry about long days out. There are a handful of new features, including Crash Detection, which will know when your car is in a crash and can quickly communicate the situation to offer quick assistance.

The iPhone 14 has an IP68 rating for resistance to water and dust intrusion. It is able to withstand a depth of up to six metres for up to 30 minutes. The new 12-megapixel front-facing camera on Apple’s iPhone 14 models has an f/1.9 aperture that lets in more light than before for better selfies and FaceTime video calls. Perfect for those dim venues!

Apply with RinggitPlus and you may just take the brand new iPhone 14. Besides the iPhone 14, you may also win an RM300 from Grab or Touch ‘n Go. 

HealthInsured, The Medical Coverage Designed To Give You Peace Of Mind

With so many Malaysians having the unfortunate experience of falling ill to COVID-19, it’s not surprising that there has been a rise in people seeking financial protection from it, in case they were to get infected. With HealthInsured, you’ll receive full coverage from COVID-19 if you fall under Category 3, 4, and 5, so there would be no hefty medical bills for you to foot.

Besides that, there is No Overall Lifetime Limit and you will enjoy a High Overall Annual Limit of up to RM5 million. Extensive Cancer Coverage is also offered, including access to genomic testing of common and rare cancer types, and extended out-patient cancer treatment cover, if you ever need it. Not only that, you can also utilise Allianz Care@Home as it provides medical-assisted support at your home, allowing you to get the medical attention you require without leaving home.

On top of that, if you appreciate flexibility, HealthInsured ensures you’re provided flexible deductible options for your medical expenses with Retirement Option1 at age 60. Sometimes you prefer having a second opinion on your medical conditions, and thankfully, with HealthInsured, you’ll receive coverage for that so you can stay empowered and well-informed with your decision-making.

Your little ones, including your preborn child of 13 weeks to 36 weeks during pregnancy, will also receive proactive protection. Additionally, you can say goodbye to troublesome paperwork during admission and discharge, because thanks to the all-in-one medical card, that’ll all be a thing of the past. 

Protect Your Family’s Financial Future With Allianz Premierlink

When you think of the future, you may worry about your family’s financial future. To safeguard your loved ones, you may consider Allianz PremierLink, with its affordable monthly premiums and other attractive features.

With Allianz PremierLink, you can enjoy a minimum coverage amount of RM500,000 for peace of mind. In terms of coverage, you will get high coverage for death, as well as up to RM8 million for Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)2. To make the deal sweeter, your coverage can be stretched up to 100 years old.

You’ll also enjoy a flexible coverage term3 so you can adjust according to your financial situation. Alternatively, you could top-up your premium whenever you’d like to maximise your investment value, where 95% of the amount will be allocated for investment.4

If you have any balance in your account, you’ll receive it when you surrender5 your policy or when it matures. Plus, you’ll have the option to partially withdraw6 the funds in your investment account if you need to. You can also switch between funds7 whenever you want to better suit your investment goals and needs.


Having insurance protection is critical, especially in today’s times where medical and general inflation is constantly on the rise. HealthInsured is a good fit for those who want adequate protection if they were to ever get infected with COVID-19. Meanwhile, Allianz PremierLink helps those who have worked hard over the years to protect their legacy and their family’s future.

If you want to be one of the lucky winners of the iPhone 14 or RM300 worth of e-wallet credit, simply apply for HealthInsured or Allianz PremierLink and you might just win! Keep yourself protected and stand to win these exciting rewards.

Click here to apply for HealthInsured or Allianz PremierLink.

1Retirement Option allows the policy owner to convert the current deductible plan to a zero deductible plan when the Life Assured attains age sixty (60) nearest birthday on the Policy Anniversary without further underwriting or to continue with the current deductible level. The Retirement Option must be selected upon application and only applicable for Plan 200 and above.

2Coverage amount for TPD is up to RM8 million and until age 71. In the event your coverage amount is more than RM8 million, the remaining balance will be paid out upon death.

3Your maximum coverage term will be determined by your selected coverage and annual premium. The minimum coverage term is 20 years and maximum coverage term is up to age 100.

4Minimum ad hoc top-up is RM500.

 5Surrender penalty applies.

6Withdrawal penalty applies. By performing partial withdrawal, the sustainability of your policy may be affected, which in turn may result in the shortening of the coverage term.

7Free fund switching is limited to 5 times per policy year, RM10 will be charged for any subsequent switch.

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