Maxis Rolls Out New 5G Postpaid, Prepaid, And Home WiFi Plans
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Maxis has rolled out a range of upgraded postpaid, prepaid, and home Wifi plans today, which will allow its users access to 5G connectivity. This comes as the telco finally signed the 5G access agreement with Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB).

In a press release, Maxis said that the new plans will enable users to enjoy more than double the data for both 4G and 5G, in addition to extra allocations of bonus 5G data. Specifically, the new plans will be offered under five categories, namely Maxis Postpaid and Business Postpaid, Hotlink Postpaid and Prepaid, as well as Home WiFi.

Focusing solely on consumer (non-business) products, here are what the upgraded plans under Maxis Postpaid, Hotlink Postpaid and Prepaid, as well as Home WiFi have to offer:  

Maxis Postpaid

There are a total of five plans under Maxis Postpaid that you can tap into, each aimed at meeting the needs of different categories of users. Depending on your preferred plan, the prices of these plans range from RM79 to RM199 per month, offering up to 200GB of 4G/5G data and up to 100GB of bonus 5G data.   

Maxis Postpaid 79– 80GB of 4G/5G data
– 40GB of bonus 5G data
– Unlimited calls and SMS
RM79 per month
Maxis Postpaid 109– 100GB of 4G/5G data
– 50GB of bonus 5G data
– Unlimited calls and SMS
– Up to 1 share line
– RM109 per month
– Share line at RM48 per month
Maxis Postpaid 139– 120GB of 4G/5G data
– 60GB of bonus 5G data
– Unlimited calls and SMS
– Up to 2 share lines
– RM139 per month
– Share lines at RM48 per month
Maxis Postpaid 169– 150GB of 4G/5G data
– 75GB of bonus 5G data
– Unlimited calls and SMS
– Up to 3 share lines
– RM169 per month
– Share lines at RM48 per month
Maxis Postpaid 199– 200GB of 4G/5G data
– 100GB of bonus 5G data
– Unlimited calls and SMS
– Up to 4 share lines
– RM199 per month
– Share lines at RM48 per month

Maxis will also be updating its Zerolution device plans (which allows users to bundle subscription plans with devices) to include a wide range of smartphones, made available via instalment plans of up to 36 months with 0% interest.

 Hotlink Postpaid and Prepaid

The upgraded Hotlink Postpaid with 5G is available at RM70 per month, where you’ll get 70GB of 4G/5G data, and 35GB of bonus 5G data. You’ll also be entitled to unlimited calls and SMSes, and can tap into zero rate plan advance payments as well.

Meanwhile, Maxis customers who prefer prepaid options can subscribe to the new Pentas Passes for 5G connectivity, available as daily, weekly, and monthly passes – as you can see below:

3GB Daily Pentas Pass– 3GB of 4G/5G data
– Hotspot
– Unlimited calls
RM3 per day
25GB Weekly Pentas Pass– 15GB of 4G/5G data
– 10GB of bonus 5G data
– Hotspot
– Unlimited calls
RM15 per week
75GB Monthly Pentas Pass– 50GB of 4G/5G data
– 25GB of bonus 5G data
– Hotspot
– Unlimited calls
RM45 per month
100GB Monthly Pentas Pass– 70GB of 4G/5G data
– 30GB of bonus 5G data
– Internet quota can be used in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand
– Hotspot
– Unlimited calls
RM60 per month

There is also a 20% cashback offer for Pakej Belia for the monthly Pentas Passes, made available specifically to youths below the age of 24 years old. This essentially means that this group of users will be able to purchase the 75GB and 100GB Monthly Pentas Passes at RM36 and RM48, respectively, instead of the original prices of RM45 and RM60.  

Home WiFi

As for Home Wifi, there is currently only one plan that comes equipped with unlimited 4G/5G connectivity, namely the Maxis Home WiFi 158. It also comes with a premium 5G router that you only need to plug in to use – no installation or drilling required. This plan is priced at RM158 per month.

There is also the option to customise your Maxis Home WiFi 158 plan with Zerolution offers and add-ons. Under Zerolution, you can purchase home devices like Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite LTE and Samsung UHD TVs with instalment plans of up to 36 months. Add-ons, meanwhile, let you subscribe to streaming service sooka to watch live sports and entertainment titles, or unlimited mobile data with any postpaid plans.


(Image: The Star)

Now that Maxis has also signed the 5G access agreement with DNB, all major telcos in Malaysia are equipped to provide 5G services, including CelcomDigi, YES, and U Mobile. Maxis is the last of Malaysia’s major telcos to sign the agreement; all telcos had previously had some qualms about the service implementation that was based on a single wholesale network (with only DNB managing the network). In May 2023, however, the government agreed to eventually switch the 5G implementation model to a dual network model (with DNB and another body to manage the network) once the current roll out has reached 80% coverage in populated areas.

It is hoped that the successful implementation of the 5G service will allow Malaysians to enjoy improved connectivity, which in turn, will lead to benefits like better job and business opportunities. This will also have other positive outcomes for the country, such as being able to attract more foreign direct investments.

(Sources: Maxis, The Star)

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