Truly UNLIMITED Internet For Everyone In The Family, From Only RM40/Line
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Movie streaming, web browsing, and social media binging – call it a distraction to pass the time, entertainment to keep you occupied, or simply a well-deserved “me-time”, they are all powered by an Internet connection that has become essential not just for some, but everyone in the family.

But for family-sized users each with individual digital needs, sharing a single Internet network with limited bandwidth could quickly turn into a stressful affair. Think bandwidth throttling when everyone’s online at the same time or limited personal mobile data that you always have to keep track of its usage.

What if everyone in the family can enjoy their personal unlimited Internet, anytime and anywhere without worrying about hogging the network or using up their monthly quota? That is what a family can now enjoy with Celcom MEGA™ Family Line.

Truly UNLIMITED Internet, With No Cap

True to its name, Celcom MEGA™ Family Line now offers bottomless Internet for families with its UNLIMITED Plan. There is no monthly data quota, so everyone gets their own unlimited Internet for their personal digital indulgence.

Enjoy The Best Family Rate For Unlimited Internet

As an unlimited Internet package plan for families, Celcom MEGA™ Family Line with UNLIMITED Internet has probably the best rate in the current market. Besides offering unlimited Internet connections, users also get to enjoy unlimited calls to all networks.

With its primary UNLIMITED Plan at RM98, subscribers can add up to 3 family lines at only RM40/line. For illustration purposes, take Ali’s family of 4; comprising Ali and his wife, and 2 children for example.

With Celcom MEGA™ Family Line UNLIMITED Plan, Ali’s monthly commitment can be illustrated as such:

Family MembersCelcom MEGA™ Family Line UNLIMITED PlanPrice
SitiFamily LineRM40
NadiaFamily LineRM40
AdamFamily LineRM40
Monthly Commitment RM218 or RM54.50/person

Besides enjoying an affordable monthly fee per person for unlimited Internet, Ali’s family also gets to enjoy free 5GB of Hotspot data suitable for the long-awaited family trip when traveling is finally allowed once more.

With Celcom’s widest network in Malaysia, Ali’s family and yours can never run out of the Internet, even for travel essentials such as getting in touch with your friends and relatives or navigating your journey safely with online maps.  

Craving For Lightning-Speed Internet? Try The LIGHTING Plan Instead

On the other hand, if you or your family members are looking for high-speed Internet, Celcom MEGA™ Family Line also comes with its LIGHTNING Plan option, catering to your family members who have the need for speed. This means that at the same price of RM40/line, you and your family members can mix both UNLIMITED Plan or LIGHTNING Plan into the same family plan.

Do note that while LIGHTNING Plan provides you with high-speed Internet, it is not unlimited and is capped at 30GB per family line. But what’s special for the LIGHTNING Plan is that for only RM5/month, you can share your LIGHTNING primary line’s Internet with your family members should their 30GB quota is all used up via INTERNETshare™.


So, bottomless Internet or a lightning-speed Internet connection? Celcom understands that every individual in a family has different digital needs. For truly unlimited Internet for all-month consistent use, you may want to consider the UNLIMITED Plan, while those seeking a virtual thrill may want to consider the LIGHTNING Plan.

Visit the Celcom MEGA™ Family Line website to find out more.

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