U Mobile Upgrades Its GX30 And GX38 Giler Unlimited Prepaid Plans

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U Mobile has upgraded its Giler Unlimited Prepaid plans, enhancing the value of its GX30 and GX38 packages with increased speed, additional hotspot quota, and unlimited calls.

Specifically, subscribers of the GX30 plan will now be able to enjoy unlimited mobile data at the faster speed of 6Mbps, as well as a new total of 6GB of hotspot quota. Previously, they were allocated unlimited data at the speed of 3Mbps and a hotspot quota of 3GB.

Meanwhile, the GX38 prepaid plan is enhanced with unlimited calls, and it will also double its hotspot quota from 3GB to 6GB as well. Otherwise, the plan continues to offer unlimited mobile data at the speed of 6Mbps, at the discounted price of RM35 (normal price: RM38). The promo price has been offered to customers since GX38 was first launched in February 2020.

The enhanced plans are already available for subscription starting from today. Existing subscribers of the GX30 and GX38 plans will enjoy the benefits of these upgrades automatically upon their next renewal.

u mobile giler unlimited plans 1

U Mobile, which touts itself as “The O.G. of best value unlimited plans”, currently sees its GX plans facing competition from Maxis’ new Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited plans as well as Celcom’s recently announced Xpax unlimited prepaid passes.

Maxis carries two monthly prepaid plans priced at RM35 and RM45, offering unlimited internet at 3Mbps and 6Mbps, respectively. The plans also come with unlimited calls to all networks and free access to Viu Premium. Meanwhile, Celcom’s RM35 monthly pass offers unlimited internet at 3Mbps and unlimited calls to all networks. Additionally, it also offers 1GB of free weekly hotspot data and 3GB of free monthly hotspot data.

For more information about U Mobile’s upgraded Giler Unlimited Prepaid plans, head on over to the telco’s site.

(Source: SoyaCincau)

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