U Mobile Offers Speedier Data With Two New Giler Unlimited Plans

umobile giler unlimited
(Image: SoyaCincau)
umobile giler unlimited
(Image: SoyaCincau)

U Mobile has rolled out two new Giler Unlimited plans to better serve its prepaid and postpaid users. Dubbed GX38 Prepaid and GX68 Postpaid, both plans are aimed at offering faster unlimited data at affordable prices.

GX38 Prepaid

umobile gx38

The new GX38 Prepaid plan is essentially a “speedier” version of the GX30 plan. Both plans offer unlimited data and 3GB hotspot data for 30 days, but while GX30 caps its speed at 3Mbps, GX38 doubles it to 6Mbps. You can also upgrade your plan with three different add-ons:

  • Data booster: Extra 10GB high-speed data for 14 days (RM5)
  • Turbo booster: Maximised internet speed for 24 hours (RM5)
  • Hotspot booster: Additional 3GB hotspot data for 3 days (RM3)

The GX38 plan is currently priced at the promotional rate of RM35 per month, but will cost RM38 otherwise.

GX68 Postpaid

umobile gx68

Similarly, the GX68 Postpaid plan is also a high-speed version of the GX50 plan. Like GX50, the GX68 plan will also give you unlimited data, unlimited calls to all networks, and 5GB of hotspot data for 30 days – but at no 4G data speed caps. GX50, in contrast, caps its data speed to 5Mbps.

Unlike the GX38 Prepaid plan, however, the GX68 Postpaid plan only offers a single add-on: a hotspot booster, where you get additional 3GB hotspot data for 3 days at RM3.

The GX68 plan is also going on a limited-time deal, where you can subscribe for the plan at RM58 per month instead of the usual RM68.

(Source: SoyaCincau)

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