MAS To Roll Out Digital Travel Health Pass For Post-Pandemic Travel

malaysia airlines

malaysia airlines

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has announced that it will be introducing a Digital Travel Health Pass, an initiative intended to promote safer air travel for the post-Covid-19 period. It seeks to offer a safer and seamless end-to-end travel experience by creating a contactless journey with crucial travel documents stored as part of the health pass.

According to a statement by MAS, the Digital Travel Health Pass will be integrated as part of Malaysia Airlines’ mobile app, with several features aimed at helping travellers prepare for their future journeys. For one, they will be able to easily make appointments with certified medical partners to carry out a Covid-19 RT-PCR test or include their Covid-19 vaccination certificate on their mobile phones. This eases the process of managing their travel requirements, making it a more straightforward process.

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(Image: The Malaysian Reserve)

On top of that, passengers can also use the Digital Travel Health Pass as a digital ID to verify their travel eligibility with the airline prior to their travels. This also has the added benefit of keeping the passengers updated with the latest travel policies employed worldwide.

Notably, MAS’ Digital Travel Health Pass will incorporate some modules from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass, which was developed to validate and authenticate all country regulations regarding Covid-19 passenger travel requirements. These modules include the ability to create a digital passport, verify their test/vaccination requirements and status, and inform relevant authorities that they are cleared for travel.

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“We are excited to make history together with IATA, and help reopen travel nationally and worldwide. Part of our promise to ensure passengers can Fly Confidently, the Digital Travel Pass will open the way for us to take the brave next step into the world in a post-pandemic time, instilling confidence in our passengers and providing access to an easy-to-navigate way to prepare for their upcoming travels,” said the group chief executive officer of Malaysia Aviation Group, Izham Ismail.

Meanwhile, the senior vice president of Airport, Passenger, Cargo, and Security for IATA, Nick Careen said that the integration of the IATA Travel Pass into MAS’ travel app is an important milestone for the Travel Pass. “It will demonstrate the app’s interoperability, an important feature supporting its global uptake. Built with data privacy, security, and convenience in mind, the IATA travel app is a solution that both governments and passengers can trust whether it is standalone or incorporated into an airline’s own app,” he said.

(Image: Gulf Times)

Finally, MAS said that it is working closely with relevant authorities to roll out the Digital Travel Health Pass and will be sharing more details in time.

(Source: Malaysia Airlines)

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