PLUS Enables Card, E-Wallet Payment At Selected R&Rs Along North-South Highway
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Motorists travelling along the North-South Highway (PLUS Highway) can now pay for their purchases at selected rest stops (R&R) using debit and credit cards issued by Visa and Mastercard, as well as various e-wallets. Accepted e-wallets include Boost, GrabPay, MAE by Maybank2u (MAE), MPay Wallet, ShopeePay, and Touch ‘n Go (TNG) eWallet.

Prior to this, R&Rs along the North-South Highway only accept cash as the sole method of payment. Now, the R&Rs that are adopting these cashless payment methods include:

  • R&R Rawang Arah Utara
  • R&R Ulu Bernam Arah Selatan
  • Hentian Sebelah Sg Buloh Arah Selatan
  • Hentian Sebelah Serdang Arah Utara & Selatan
  • Hentian Sebelah Nilai Arah Selatan
  • R&R Dengkil Arah Utara & Selatan
  • R&R Seremban Arah Utara
  • R&R Tapah Arah Utara & Selatan
  • Hentian Sebelah Simpang Pulai Arah Utara & Selatan
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A few of the e-wallets that have been enabled at these R&Rs will be running some exclusive promos in conjunction with the rollout of this initiative. If you’re travelling any time soon, you can enjoy the following rebates at the selected R&Rs:

  • GrabPay: RM3 rebate with minimum spend of RM6 (capped at 10,000 customers)
  • ShopeePay: RM3 rebate with minimum spend of RM6 (capped at 10,000 customers)
  • TNG eWallet: RM3 rebate with minimum spend of RM5 (capped at 33,000 customers)

Already ongoing, all the promotions listed above will run until 31 March 2022.

Aside from enabling cashless payment methods for R&Rs, PLUS had also previously mentioned that it may soon allow motorists travelling along the North-South Highway to pay for their toll fares using debit and credit cards. The payment method is currently being tested at selected toll plazas, although no specific locations have been announced. At present, motorists are only able to pay for their toll fares using the TNG RFID, PayDirect, TNG card, and SmartTAG.

(Source: Paul Tan’s Automotive News)

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