Cash Advance on Your Credit Card? Here’s What You Need to Know.

There are days when you need cash on the double and most (if not all) credit cards have this option. But before you run to your ATM; here are some things to think about.

Do You Really, Really Need it?

First up on the checklist is the need factor. Cash advances have notoriously high fees and interest charges so before you even think of taking out cash from your credit card, consider if you’ve tried every other avenue. Personal loans are an option, and some can be cheaper than taking a credit card cash advance, but processing time can take from 3-14 days so if you really need to pay for something quickly with cash (although this situation is usually unlikely as most hospitals, etc accept credit cards) you may have to consider a cash advance.

If you still prefer to go for the personal loans, click here to see our comparison list and find out which bank gives the best benefits, which personal loan has the fastest approval rate, lowest interest rate and more.

Credit Card Cash Advance vs Cash Instalment Plan

A credit card cash advance is available readily with use of your credit card through an ATM. However, a cash advance from an ATM will usually carry a fee of 5% per transaction or a minimum of RM15-25. On top of this fee, you will be charged the highest annual interest rate in the range the bank offers (usually 17-18%). If you are withdrawing a large amount, the initial 5% will be a hefty amount already and that is even prior to charging full interest on the outstanding amount. 

Compare Credit Cards

If you really need cash from your credit card, a new way of lending has been devised: enter the cash installment plan (CIP) for your credit card, charged to you at a fixed installment payment amount with varying interest rates. Most banks who offer this type of loan product remove the 5% fee but you don’t get the convenience of using your credit card at an ATM - you'll need to apply for a cash instalment plan online or via telephone, and wait for your request to be approved.

Depending on your situation and amount required, you’ll be able to make the decision on which to pick. A smaller amount required uber urgently at an instant will justify a cash advance withdrawal but if you want a large amount and have a few moments to spare, it's better to choose the cash installment plan.

How to Apply for a Credit Card Cash Instalment Plan

If you have decided to opt for a CIP, the first question would be, "how do I get a cash advance from my credit card?"

For a CIP, you would usually have to either call a CIP designated phone line or fax a form in. Some banks occasionally accept forms via email or you can just apply at a bank branch. Once approved, funds will be transferred to your elected savings or current account and depending on your bank, funds can be in your account as quick as the next working day or as long as 2 weeks (which in turn actually diminishes the truth in it being termed ‘quick’). Do check with your chosen bank before proceeding.

You would also have to be mindful to ask the bank officer if you first need to have a savings or current account with the bank. Whilst most banks offer Interbank Giro bank-ins (with a slight delay of 1-2 days) or will send you a cheque; some will require you to first open a savings or current account with them. 

There are banks which offer attractive interest rates but some just match your standard credit card rates. Nonetheless, the savings on the initial cash advance fee, if your amount is large enough, makes the call or fax to the bank worth it.

When applying for a credit card cash instalment plan, it is always best to use an empty credit card with no outstanding balance no matter which cash withdrawal product you choose. This will ensure you pay off your borrowed cash amount within the tenure stipulated and you avoid paying exorbitant amounts of interest should your bank settle your outstanding amounts based on date charged rather than highest interest first.

Battle of the Cash Instalment Plans

A cash advance is relatively simpler than a cash installment plan. At withdrawal from the ATM you are charged a fee of 5% or a minimum of RM15-25 depending on your bank. After which a 17-18% interest is charged on a daily rest basis until you pay off the full amount.

But cash installment plans are not so straightforward. Below are some of the lowest cash installment plans offered by different banks: 

Bank/Product One time fixed interest rate (p.a.) Tenures Transaction Fee/Processing Fee Minimum amount (if any)
RHB CashXcess 4.88-9% 12-36 months No No
HSBC Cash Instalment Plan 6.88% 12-36 months 2% cash advance fee if less than RM5000 borrowed.
0% if RM5000 and above
RM1000 (with 2% cash advance fee)
RM5000 to be eligible for the 0% cash advance fee.
OCBC Call for Cash 5.99% 12-36 months 1% cash advance fee RM1000
Alliance Bank Fast Cash Plan 6.99-7.99% 12-36 months No RM1000
CIMB CashLite 9.88%
12-48 months
Hong Leong Bank Call for Cash Plus 6.38-9.88% 12-36 months RM12 handling fee
Maybank Ezy Cash 0% 6 months 3.88% cash advance fee RM2000
AmBank QuickCash 5.88% 36 months RM100 early settlement fee RM1000

If you don’t have a credit card from the cash issuer of your choice, you can apply online at RinggitPlus. You can also check with your current bank if they have any cash installment plans available as the list above isn’t exhaustive.

Ready, Set, Cash In

Whichever method you choose, always make sure you read the terms and conditions and if in any doubt, be sure to check with your bank officer for more info! The product is there for your convenience and to help you in times of trouble so ensure it does just that – not get you into more trouble!

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  • cute-cute

    Please include CIMB Cash Lite & Citibank Dial For Cash.

    • liow

      what mean?

      • liow

        tak faham

        • RinggitPlus

          Hi cute-cute,

          Ah yes, we'll update the article accordingly!

        • Jerome chang

          What happened to all the bank today? None of the customer service line can call it, they are all busy. And all online facilities are off, ATM out of order.

          • RinggitPlus

            Hi Jerome,

            We're not sure what happened! We're not exactly a bank, after all...
            Maybe many of them took 5-day weekends coinciding with Merdeka Day?


            VERY HELPFULL

            • Johnlee

              Can uob credit card do advence cash?

            • Rizal

              Just a suggestion, you can enhance this comparison a bit further by including each bank's repayment scheme. For example, Hong Leong will charge all the interest upfront and only the principal later, while CIMB will deduct both principal and interest every month, but at a higher interest to principal ratio upfront (eg 37.9% interest in month 1, 37.1% interest in month 2, reducing by 0.8% each month). This is useful for those who only use this facility as temporary money while waiting for bonus at the end of the year and decide to wipe out the instalment quickly once they have the money

              • CARMEN

                HOW ABOUT CIMB?

                • AY

                  what if i've made additional payment to my credit card. E.g My cc balance is 1k but i deposited 2k. If I take out the 1k as atm cash, will i still be subjected to the annual interest of 17-18%? I shouldn't right since I'm taking out back my own money.

                  • RinggitPlus

                    Hi AY,

                    When you overpay your credit card, then withdraw cash from the same card, you will be subjected to interest of 18% p.a. and a 5% withdrawal fee. This is because that withdrawal counts as a cash advance, just like any withdrawal you make with your credit card even if you didn't overpay.

                    This is because the amount you paid counts towards the repayment of your credit card. It's not your money, you paid it to the bank already. In general, it isn't helpful to overpay your credit card like this. Because the bank won't use that amount to offset your future credit unless you *notify* them that you overpaid.

                    So if you want to still pay more than you should and withdraw money without incurring the interest charges, make sure you contact the bank, tell them that you overpaid, and ask for that amount to be used as credit offset or let them approve a withdrawal amount without a cash advance interest. If you do not notify them, the bank will only know that you overpaid on your next bill. When that time comes, they will call you for clarification and you can clear it out with them then.

                    Thanks for your question. We hope this helps!

                  • LCW

                    Let's say I make a cash advance with my credit card via ATM. Withdrawn RM1000. How much do I need to pay in a month or how is the calculation? Thank you in advance :)

                    • RinggitPlus

                      Greetings, LCW

                      Firstly, you will be charged a fee of either 5% of the withdrawal (RM50) or RM15-RM25. Subsequently, you will be charged a daily rest interest rate of 17%-18%, which is based on the outstanding amount of your debt. For this example: let us assume you pay your RM1,000 debt half monthly basis.

                      Interest Rate: RM1000 x 17% x 15/360 = RM7.08

                      Oustanding loan: RM1000 - (RM500 - RM7.08) = RM507.08

                      2nd Interest calculation: RM 507.08 x 17% x15/360 = RM 3.59

                      As shown above, the interest rate depends on the outstanding amount of your debt. The more you pay for the first payment, the lower your interest rate. However, it is important to consult your bank on this matter as each bank have a different rate.

                      Thank you for your question and we hope this help.

                    • Cjd

                      Hello..saya ada buat cash advance dari credit card saya melalui atm(Maybank).Boleh saya tau brp yg perlu saya byr sebulan(min) n cara pengiraannya then adakah saya perlu buat habis pembayarannya dulu baru saya dpt buat cash advance lagi?

                      • RinggitPlus

                        Hi, Cjd

                        This depends on the banks. Some will request that you settle the whole bill before withdrawing.

                        Thanks for the question and we hope this helps.

                      • KES

                        What about aeon credit card, and the charger rate if cash advance around rm2k

                        • Vin

                          how much penalty i will get if do early settlement for easy cash?

                          • Yatri

                            OK now I need cash in advance.. So which credit card provided and which credit card we can withdraw cash.

                            Please advice

                            • BCW

                              If you take this, when you have the Minimum Payment for your credit card subsequently, will the instalment be included in the Minimum Payment or not?