Where Can You Use American Express Cards in Malaysia?

Do you have an American Express card but are not quite sure where it is accepted? We’ve got you covered with a tidy list of places that say yes to Amex.

While Amex (or American Express) is a solid card to have in your plastic arsenal, you may have noticed that some retailers and merchants do not accept the card for payment.

It’s not a fun experience to attempt paying with your card only to have it turned down. To make life easier for you, we’ve put together a list of places that welcome American Express with open registers.

Why Are American Express Cards Not Accepted Everywhere?

Certain retailers and merchants do not accept Amex payments due to cost issues. Amex cards have a slightly higher payment processing fee when compared to MasterCard or Visa cards.

But of course plenty of merchants still support Amex payments, catering to their customers’ need for multiple payment options as well as supporting the preferences of loyal Amex-carrying customers to their stores.

You’ll find that most luxury brands and higher end stores often accept American Express as do a majority of retailers in Singapore.

Where Can You Use Your American Express Card in Malaysia?

Wherever you see a sign that says “American Express Cards Welcome”, “We Welcome American Express” or where it’s famous blue and white logo is pasted; your card will be accepted.

But if you are in doubt, be sure check with the cashier or service staff beforehand, especially if it’s the only method of payment you have with you.

Plenty of merchants in various trades including dining, retail shopping, hotels, hospitals and utilities accept American Express in Malaysia. Here’s a list of businesses that will graciously swipe your card:

Note: Different outlet locations and branches may or may not be prepared to accept the card.

Café & Dining

  • Secret Recipe
  • Starbucks
  • Baskin-Robbins
  • Ben’s General Food Store
  • McDonald’s


  • Guess
  • Giordano
  • Hush Puppies
  • Old Navy
  • Dorothy Perkins


  • Emirates
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Dragon Air
  • AirAsia
  • Malaysia Airlines (charge card)


  • Golden Screen Cinemas
  • TGV Cinemas

Travel & Hotels

  • Hotel Maya KL
  • The Royale Chulan KL
  • Park Royal Kuala Lumpur
  • Prince Hotel & Residence KL
  • One World Hotel

Grocery & Department Stores

  • Aeon BiG
  • Ben’s Independent Grocer
  • Parkson
  • Isetan
  • Cold Storage

Bonus Tip: Even though a retail promo may be offered for Amex cards, it may only be valid when issued by a certain bank, so be sure to check with your card’s issuer before purchase.

If you are looking for premium benefits, you might want to consider signing up for an American Express card. We do a have quite a few Amex card options available in Malaysia, so make sure you choose one that is right for you. Need help exploring the nitty gritty of the cards on offer? Then get the help you need from help our comparison page.

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  • Azizi Khan

    Giant and Mercato (Pavillion)
    Auto Bavaria
    Pet World (Midvalley Shopping Centre)
    Madam Kwan
    Shell, Petronas

    As for card, I use Maybank Two Cards Premier which offers 5x points so I rack points up quite quickly

    • Rhynae

      My Maybank 2 American Express Card rejected at:

      Boulevard Hypermarket Kuching
      Survay Hypermarket Kuching

      • Sky

        Where in Kuching have you tried that accept Maybank 2 American Express Card?

      • Erienne

        My Maybank 2 Amex also not accepted at Everise Supermart and Departmental store Kuching, Oinks Kuching. Sad 😭

        • tan

          padini and brand outlet got accept Amex ? Because they reject it

          • Tiang Li Fuang

            Padini also not accept Maybank Amex card.

            • Heng

              May I know Mbb 2 card amex can use in petronas, shell, petron?
              Weekend 5% cashback and 5x points.

              • RinggitPlus

                Hi, Heng

                The MBB AMex Card can be used in any petrol stations. However, you are only able to claim the 500x TreatPoints as the cashback is only applicable to retail purchases.

                Thanks for the question and we hope this helps.

              • Spencer

                H&M genting doesn't accept amex, petron genting also doesn't accept amex.

                • helmi

                  most petrol station now not accept amex now..thinking to change to visa

                  • Banana

                    This is true?? I was thinking to try to use in petrol station...😭😭

                  • derrick

                    not really true. i always used it on shell station, however, i just got to know that the maybank 2 amex cashback is only applicable to retail purcahses.

                    • aeee

                      i use at petronas and got cashback

                    • winnee

                      Does it mean that the Maybank 2 Amex cashback is not applicable for petrol usage?

                      • Josh

                        5% cashback is valid for petrol on weekends + Treatpoints.

                        • Addy

                          Yes when using amex 2card on weekend at shell they will give 5% cashback

                          • JK

                            I tried used Maybank 2 amex card at Petron, Setapak. Rejected. Only selected petrol station can use?