Maybank’s Campaign Offers Up To RM300 Cashback For Amex Credit Cardholders
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Between today until 31 December 2021, Maybank is running the Amex Usage & Contactless campaign, allowing its American Express (Amex) credit cardholders to win up to RM300 cashback. The reward can be earned by making online or offline purchases of up to a specified amount during weekdays, and by performing contactless transactions with your Maybank Amex credit cards.

Specifically, the campaign is open to Maybank customers holding any of the following cards:

If you are eligible, then you will be entitled to earn cashback throughout the campaign by carrying out any of the qualifying transactions:

Qualifying transactionsDetailsCashback that can be earned in a monthMaximum cashback throughout campaign
Weekday spendSpend a total of RM1,000 (online and offline purchases) on weekdays within each campaign monthRM50RM250
Contactless paymentSpend a minimum of RM10 via contactless (wave/tap for transactions less than RM250) payments to earn RM1 cashback. Maximum 10 transactions per month.RM10RM50

Only retail expenses are accepted for this campaign. Transactions such as flexi payment plans, balance transfers, and cash advance are not considered as eligible transactions for the campaign. E-wallet payments do not qualify as well.

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Note as well that the cashback rewards will be provided on a first-come first-served basis. Maybank has allocated a total of RM100,000 cashback rewards for the entire campaign, to be divided equally between both qualifying transactions. In other words, the cashback will be capped at RM50,000 for both weekend spend and contactless payment throughout the five-month campaign (RM10,000 per month).

If you do win any of the rewards, the cashback will be credited to you within eight weeks from the end of each campaign month. This will also be reflected in your billing statement.

To join this campaign, go ahead and register your participation by sending an SMS (Cashback<space>last 6-digit NRIC/passport number) to 66628. You are only required to register once within the campaign period to participate.

(Source: Maybank)

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